Co-Op Mutation #219: Hardware Malfunction

Content of the article: "Co-Op Mutation #219: Hardware Malfunction"

The ultimate defense protocol is a combination of redundancies. The Taldarim knows this and so has activated the invincible kill bots, on top of the mine defenses and the Laser Drill. You need to work with your ally to clear the way forward for the transport.

Map: Malwarfare

Kill Bots
Invincible Kill Bots attack your forces until they hit their predetermined kill limit and shut down.
Laser Drill
An enemy Laser Drill constantly attacks player units within enemy vision.
Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield.

Rating: Brutal +4


Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
Piky (Artanis)



  • The spawn from any enemy building. You cannot stop them from spawning because the Suppression Tower spawns are unkillale enemy buildings.
  • Large groups of Widow Mines and Spidermines are spawned on the map. Players can destroy these to clear them out.
  • Widow Mines have 180HP, deal 250 damage each with 5 range, and replenish their charges.
  • Spidermines have 25HP, deal 250 damage each, and do not respawn upon detonation.
  • The has 1000HP/2000Shields, 2 Armor, deals 20 damage per second, and has a range of 500.
  • Upon being destroyed, the Laser Drill .
  • Free units, such as Stukov's Infested, Zerglings in general, and Stetmann's Roaches Away are the most cost-effective solution to feed the Kill Bots.
  • Laser Drill location:

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