Co-Op Mutation #230: Of One Mind

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With limited supplies, you and your ally must share the available supply on the field, as well as control of the boom bot defusion device. Being on the same page as your ally is no longer enough; you need to be on the same letter.

Map: Rifts to Korhal

Boom Bots
Uncaring automatons carry a nuclear payload toward your base. One player must discern the disarming sequence and the other player must enter it.
Each enemy unit is immune to either your units or your ally's units.
Sharing is Caring
Supply is shared between you and your partner, and units from both armies contribute to your combined supply cap.


Rating: Brutal +5

Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
Spohky (Dark Prelate Zeratul)
Galle (Renegade Commander Raynor)

Boom Bot spawn timings

Time Qty
2:28 1
3:58 1
5:28 1
6:58 1
8:28 1
9:58 1
11:28 1
12:58 2
14:08 2
15:18 2
16:28 2
17:38 2
18:48 2
19:38 2
20:28 2
21:18 2
22:08 2
22:58 2
23:48 2
24:38 2
25:28 2
26:18 2



  • Boom bots are untargetable units that walk toward the players, and detonate a nuke upon contact. They will survive the blast and keep walking until they are defused.
  • Each boom bot has a <4-digit code> that only one player can see. However, it is only the other player who can enter this code , to defuse the boom bot.
  • The boom bots are , and spawn from enemy structures.
  • Boom bots aggro to your buildings. They "see" your initial buildings, so if you destroy your initial buildings and don't let them see any more of your buildings, it will not move toward your base.
  • Half of every single attack wave and every base is immune to you or your ally. This means you cannot split between separate attack waves; both need to attack the same location simultaneously.
  • Enemies with the red shield are immune to your attacks. Another way to figure out which units are yours before engaging is to mouse over the enemy unit:
    • is ally's target
    • is your target
  • Immobilization Wave, Time Stop, and other movement/attack restricting spells still work on enemy units immune to you, but they deal 0 damage.
  • You can manually target the enemy units immune to you, but it will do 0 damage.
  • . This means each player keeps the original supply cap, but must now accommodate both their supply and their ally's.
  • Commanders with 100 supply cap retain the 100 supply cap. They will NOT be able to produce any supply-consuming units if their ally goes above 100 supply, for as long as the ally is over 100 supply.
  • Commanders with instant max supply perks like Artanis and Dehaka retain their perks.

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