Co-Op Mutation #239: Bad Weather

Content of the article: "Co-Op Mutation #239: Bad Weather"

Amon's forces tear through reality and make landfall across Augustgrad as tornadoes rampage throughout the city. Can you weather the storm and close the rifts before it's too late?

Map: Rifts to Korhal

Void Rifts
Void Rifts periodically appear in random locations and spawn enemy units until destroyed.
Tornadoes move across the map, damaging and knocking back player units in their path.


Rating: Brutal +4

Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
Ancalagon (Akhundelar Fenix)
Ancalagon (Arkship Commandant Artanis)

Mengsk (Merchant of Death Arcturus)

Void Rift Spawn Timings:

Time Rifts
2:20 2 Rifts
3:50 2 Rifts
5:20 2 Rifts
6:50 2 Rifts
8:20 4 Rifts
9:50 4 Rifts
11:20 4 Rifts
12:50 4 Rifts
14:20; + every 90s 4 Rifts



  • This is the second rerun of Bad Weather.
  • Each Void Rift has 500HP, and their spawnings are signalled by a minimap ping on each Rift.
  • in the first 8 minutes
  • Time stop delays by 20 seconds the spawn time of Void Rifts.
  • Units that spawn from Void Rifts neither not drop biomass for Abathur, nor essence for Dehaka.
  • Twisters can go into the expansion area, but not its mineral line.
  • Twisters can throw around hero and massive units, but not buildings.

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