Co-Op Mutation #256: Miner Concerns

Augustgrad is in dire straits. Resources have been scattered throughout the streets, and in order to gather them, your forces will have to brave the mines that Amon's forces have deployed across the city. Fight through the Fear and shatter the Void Shards.

Map: Rifts to Korhal

Mag Mines are deployed throughout the map at the start of the mission.
Player units will occasionally stop attacking and run around in fear upon taking damage.
Slim Pickings
Player worker units gather resources at a reduced rate, but resource pickups spawn throughout the map.


Rating: Brutal +4

Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
Neometal (Herald of the Void Zeratul)
Neometal (Devouring One Dehaka)
Neometal (Chief Engineer Swann)
蘿莉是神 (Toxic Tyrant Arcturus)



  • Arcturus Mengsk players: for how to win this mutation.
  • Running a few units first to trigger the Mag Mines in an enemy base will make it safer for the rest of your units and buildings, especially when being inflicted with fear and therefore being unable to dodge mines.
  • Units with Guardian Shell will not trigger the Mag Mines. However, this will give them ample time to move into position.
  • Mag Mines do not respawn upon detonation.
  • Damage from AOE spells, and Mutalisk bouncing glaves also has a chance to put Fear on your units.
  • Workers gather 1 resource per trip on Brutal difficulty.
  • While the expansion technically pays for itself after 15 mins, it might be worthwhile to consider the investment required to get it in the early game might be better spent trying to get forces out instead. If you plan a shorter game, the expansion will definitely not be worth.

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