Co-Op Mutation #261: Conflagration

The Infested march upon the temple. Infused with incendiary power, Amon's minions set the ground ablaze as they die. Even more monsters emerge from the ashes, seeking to engulf the temple in the fires of their own deaths. Keep your distance and exterminate them.

Map: Temple of the Past

Walking Infested
Enemy units spawn Infested Terran upon death in numbers according to the unit's life.
Alien Incubation
All enemy units spawn Broodlings upon death.
Scorched Earth
Enemy units set the terrain on fire upon death.


Rating: Brutal +1

Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
케이야스 (Unconquered Spirit Fenix)



  • Temple of the Past spawn timings:
  • The number of infested and broodlings that spawn are based on the supply count of the unit destroyed.
  • Infested and dudelings don't spawn each other when killed.
  • Broodlings and Infested also activate Scorched Earth.
  • Air units are immune to Scorched Earth
  • Scorched Earth damages the Temple, so keeping the enemies far away from the Temple is a good idea.
  • Splash damage is really really really really good vs this mutation.

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