Co-Op Mutation #263: Fowl Play

Your supply lines have been cut off, and you must work together with your ally in order to sustain your armies. Luckily, there is plenty of local wildlife to harvest. But proceed with caution. Who knows what a turkey is capable of when under threat?

Map: Oblivion Express

Turkey Shoot
Supply can only be generated by killing turkeys that wander throughout the map. Doing so may anger the turkeys that remain.
Sharing is Caring
Supply is shared between you and your partner, and units from both armies contribute to your combined supply cap.


Rating: Not Brutal+

Video Replays on Brutal:

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Turkey Stats


  • 10HP
  • 8dmg (+8 vs structure)/1.5s
  • 2 move speed
  • Provides 2 supply when killed.

Infested Turkey

  • 75/100/125/150HP on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal
  • 1 armor
  • Several spawn per car of the train, depending on difficulty level.
  • Does not provide supply when killed.

The Turking

  • 2000/2500/4000/6000HP on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal
  • 0/2/15/30HP regen per second on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal
  • 3 armor
  • 3 move speed
  • 250dmg (+250vs structure)/2s
  • Has a Terrifying Gobble ability that casts Fear upon your units.
  • Does not provide supply when killed.


Other notes:

  • Artanis, Nova, Dehaka, Tychus, and Zeratul's supply buffs do not work for this mutation.
  • The combined starting available supply are 80/70/60/50 on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal difficulties, respectively.
  • Supply will slowly decrease based on how much supply you consume. The more supply on the field, the faster the supply available will deplete.
  • Units will incur a damage penalty when you exceed the available supply.
  • Players can only earn supply by killing regular turkey. Each turkey provides 2 supply.
  • A turkey spawns every 8 seconds. Killing trains also spawns turkeys.
  • Hostile Infested Turkeys spawn on some trains.
  • The Turking attacks after the 7th train is destroyed.

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