Commander Guide from NGA for the Next Mutation: #255 Growing Threat

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Commander score represents the overall ability for a commander to overcome mutators, your personal experience may vary due to differences in strategy and personal skill.

Growing Threat

Map: Mist Opportunity

Mutator: Alien Incubation, Mutually Assured Destruction, Transmutation

Strategy: Growing Threat is one of the notably difficult weekly mutations back in the days, which demands long-range burst damage, and will punish you heavily if you can't finish a battle cleanly. The biggest challenge of this mutation is the giant attack wave at 15:30, which pretty much decides the outcome of the entire run. On top of this, any barrier-type skills that don't display hit points can prevent transmutations from triggering on hit, this will give you some insurance against chain transmutations.

Commander Score Note
Raynor P0/2 3 Raynor used to be the MVP when spider mines couldn't be targeted. Not anymore though.
Kerrigan P0/2 8 Leaving nydus worms at the wrong place may result in a huge wave of hybrids, recommend destroying worms when your're done with them. Immo Wave damage is important, but you can get away with P2.
Artanis P0 5 Solar bombardment at 15:30 is probably the only good thing about him. Aiurlots are not as good vs broodlings as you may expect.
Swann P2 8 Concentrated beams can handle most enemy positions, save pulse cannon for big waves. Towers and tanks should be more than a match for Amon. Careful with your warbot drop so you don't breed a dozen of hybrids.
Zagara P0/1/3 6 Split your banes/scourges into several groups for the 15:30 wave, you may also need bile launchers. P1/3 takes more casualties on the way due to lack of mass frenzy.
Vorazun P3 7 Has little room for mistakes. Save DT blink for escaping hybrid nukes, always target detectors first. Exploit shadow fury as much as possible. Make an invisible wall to prevent stray broodlings from doing anything funny.
Karax P3 8 Used to suck at Growing Threat, now you pretty much just spam your topbar for win.
Abathur P0/P2 8 Passive may screw your teammate over really hard. Otherwise as viable as he can be.
Alarak P2/P3 10 Literally slaughters anything that isn't weld to the ground.
Nova P1 10 Stick to assault mode and you'll be fine.
Stukov P1 7 P3 is technically viable if you can manage to turn all infested into tank ammo. But why bother if you can take P1 anyway?
Fenix P0/1/2 7 Hero personalities don't immediately turn enemies into hybrids like regular heroes do when killed, which is a big advantage. Keep distance if you can, but you can sacrifice Kaldalis to deal with hybrids.
Dehaka P2/3 9 As long as you know how to clear broodlings with psionic explosion.
H&H P2 6 Similar to Stukov in terms of strats, better topbar but units are too squashy.
Tychus 9 You don't even need Odin for the 15:30 wave as long as you get the right outlaws.
Zeratul 10 imba
Stetmann P2 8 Lurkers/banes are proven to be effective even before prestige was a thing, even more so now with P2. Alternatively use mecha lings.
Mengsk P3 8 Make clever use of contaminated strike. Always keep some marauders and LMG troopers ready.
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Choice for pub: Not the best mutation for matchmaking, but just pick something overpowered if you wanna try.

Choice for team: Recommend one commander with powerful topbars and one with high-quality units.


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