Commander Guide from NGA for the Next Mutation: #256 Miner Concerns

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Commander score represents the overall ability for a commander to overcome mutators, your personal experience may vary due to differences in strategy and personal skill.

Miner Concerns

Map: Rifts to Korhal

Mutators: Fear, Mag-nificent, Slim Pickings

Strategy: This set of mutators might have been pretty difficult if they were on other maps, luckily for us it's Korhal, which is quite cheesable.

Back in the days, most commanders relied on topbars and heroes to overcome the mutators without even bothering with Slim Pickings, this is still effective except there're even more strategies now.

Commander Score Note
Raynor P0/3 6 Has issues with money, but Hyperion and Dusk Wings can at least do something.
Kerrigan P0/2/3 10 Can pretty much clear the map on her own. P3 can earn you some extra resources, you don't really need to spend on anything except Nydus though.
Artanis P0 3 Doesn't have anything that can fight reasonably well in low-eco situations.
Swann P0/P2 10 Two upgrades on the drill, a few Hercules and towers are all you need.
Zagara P3 7 P3 makes her a lot more viable. Solely relying on scourges is very risky.
Vorazun P3 8 Needs help with air enemies. Otherwise just spam Shadow Guards.
Karax P3 9 Another first person shooter for the phasesmith. Even with Slim-Pickings, you can still make an adequate defense and use all your energy on offense.
Abathur P0 10 Triple Leviathan. Toxic nests and crawlers can keep your base safe. Leviathans alone may have some problems with the last objective.
Alarak P3 8 Warprism and Mothership cheese.
Nova P3 10 This is exactly why you grind Infiltration Specialist in the first place.
Stukov P1 7 Might have been easier if bunkers were cheaper. For now just cheese with topbars and banshees.
Fenix P0/1/2 7 Has issue with money but manageable. Try to make the best out of your heroes.
Dehaka P2/3 10 imba
H&H P2 7 Need to find a balance between wraith and bombers, you'll probably handle attack waves with only mag mines.
Tychus P2 9 LW has an advantage in low-eco situations.
Zeratul 10 Harold also shines in low-eco. Other options are still imba as well.
Stetmann P2 10 Remember to dodge mines when you put down Stetellites. Alternatively just sweep the minefield with lings.
Mengsk P3 8 Low-eco hurts a lot but doesn't prevent you from cheese the whole map with ESO.
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In general, just pick any commander that can cheese/clear the map with few resources. Go for cheesy combos such as Nova P3 with Swann if you can find a partner.


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