Commander Guide from NGA for the Next Mutation: #258 Wheel of Misfortune

Original Post. This week has no score for each commander, but this post should still give you some idea of what to expect. Credit goes to XDTRCR.

Map: Lock & Load

Mutation: Chaos Studio

Strategy: Lock & Load is pretty straight forward. Even on regular brutal, this map encourages aggression while heavily punishes anyone who plays passively. So instead of trying to counter every possible mutator, going for a quick victory is much more practical.

You should generally aim for a 15-min clear and 20 min should be the upper limit. If the game gets any longer, then whether you got pretty unlucky or someone's not pulling their weight.

For these reasons, your commander choice should be someone who's good at Lock & Load to begin with, while also countering as many mutators as possible. Same goes for prestige, avoid using prestige that is too situational.

Adding some of my thoughts on commander choices. There will be no score but I will try to go through their overall viability.

Raynor Raynor has relatively few things to work with before you can establish a healthy eco and production, and all sorts of mutators can mess with your bio army. Not recommended for conventional strategy, but can be viable if you're opting for ninja capping sort of stuff.
Kerrigan An excellent choice overall. Kerrigan herself offers one of the best early game offensive options, while also resilient to a wide selection of mutators. Omega worms make capping trivial no matter how bad your multitasking is. Don't pick P1.
Artanis Gets owned by tons of mutators, but can somewhat cope with the loss with guardian shell. Global warping abilities from P2 can potentially clear the map in no time.
Swann While not very comfortable on the offensive side, an experienced Swann can rush his drill upgrades, clear enemy positions and defend with turrets, allowing for a steady and solid style. Turrets are extremely resilient to trick mutators and can outgun big attack waves.
Zagara Also gets owned by tons of mutators, but makes up with her extremely aggressive army. P0 and P3 give a better early game and perform better than P1 overall.
Vorazun Time Stop is one of the best major topbar abilities but will trigger enemy buildings to start producing. Black Hole and your units can easily neutralise many problematic mutators, while dark pylon can render your base relatively safe from certain base assaulting mutators. Overall powerful but requires a good amount of skill to play.
Karax haha SoA goes pewpew
Abathur Definitely not recommended for inexperienced players, especially for those who can't even make their first Brutalisk before 6-min mark. But if you're confident with your ability then this is THE showtime. The ultimate combination of pushing power, mobility and mutator resistance.
Alarak P3 Mothership allows very early aggression. Good at dealing with army buffing mutators.
Nova Have a wide variety of tools to overcome all sorts of mutators, need some experience to play effectively. P3 is one of the best options for obvious reasons. Use airlift to force cooperation if your teammate is actually dumb as rocks.
Stukov Naturally bad at fast aggression due to creep spread speed. P1 mech is somewhat playable, and don't be that P3 bunker spamming guy.
Fenix P2 gives very good pushing power even if you get duped by eco mutators. Arbiter enables the recall-into-main type of strategy, which is even better.
Dehaka Primal Contender is the kind of prestige that makes me wonder whether you actually need a functional brain to beat co-op. Nevertheless, while P2 can easily clean the map with minimal effort, look out for things like propagators, which is your No.1 source of oof moments.
H&H Gets owned by tons of mutators. Most of their mutation applications are too situational and specific. Requires a competent teammate to cover weaknesses.
Tychus Lone Wolf, 'nuff said.
Zeratul Has answer to basically every single mutator that can appear in Chaos Studio. You can play Harold or roflstomp with your imba stuff.
Super-Duper-Gary Stetmann P2 Super Gary basically clears the entire map on his own. Mecha lings are also stupidly powerful and resilient to many mutators.
Mengsk While he usually has answers to many difficult mutations, he lacks a universal solution for Chaos Studio as most of his strategies require specific setups. you may have trouble adjusting as the situation changes.
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That being said, even if you have the best commanders and a good game plan, there's still a good chance of you being owned by speed freak, propagators, void rifts, reanimators and all sorts of mutator combos. Good luck, as this time you do need some.


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