Commander Guide from NGA for the Next Mutation: #259 Breath of Destruction

Back with another mutation guide from NGA. Original post. Credit goes to XDTRCR.

Map: Mist Opportunities

Mutators: Aggressive Deployment, Avenger, Speed Freaks

Strategy: This week is a combination of multi-tasking, high pressure, fast tempo and continuous engagement. While generally easier for team play compared to Growing Threat, soloing can be much harder.

Speed Freaks and Avenger's effect is largely dependent on enemy composition, bane/scourge or shadow terran can absolutely destroy you, while things like classic infantry are still jokes. For tower defense commanders, getting DT toss/classic air zerg/classic air toss can be good since a good portion of their units can't attack bots at all.

Be sure to review how does Aggressive Deployment works, getting dropped in your main is definitely not helpful.

Most pressure will come from the first 10 minutes, especially after 8:50, where you will need to fight off a T2 wave, a T4 wave and a T3 deployment in 30 seconds. Most runs will end here, but you can catch a breath if you manage to survive. As a result, don't be a jerk and queue pre-mastery unless you really really know what you're doing.

Commander Score Note
Raynor P0/2 3 Spider mines have their merits in a handful of situations and that's pretty much it.
Kerrigan P0/2/3 7 A little bit short on damage output, but extremely good at delaying and multi-tasking.
Artanis P0 Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Swann P0/2 7 Need earlier and more turrets, very demanding of player's skill and knowledge.
Zagara P0/3 6 Bile launchers may have trouble hitting things but you still need them, or you will inevitably run out of money.
Vorazun P3 7 Emergency recall may cause some serious consequences if Aggressive Deployments target your recently recalled units in your main. Black Hole is still useful as usual, but some enemies may escape the swirl.
Karax P3 6 Hitting Speed Freaks with topbar is like playing Unreal Tournament. Things will be better once you get enough towers up, though some compositions will still give you a bad day.
Abathur P0/2 8 Jam the traffic, make tons of big fat stuff and viper to keep Amon away from bots.
Alarak P3 8 Usually not good at splitting forces, but ascendants should be able to hold their own.
Nova P1 7 Also not very good at dealing with multi-pronged pressure, but can at least fights off enemies with ease.
Stukov P1 7 Mech is playable but gets rushed all the time. Consider making some brood queens, both fungal and broodling are very useful.
Fenix P0/1/2 8 Don't leave your fodders at home if you play P2, or…
Dehaka 8 imba
H&H P2 5 Even the best of best players are not able to produce any successful solo attempt with H&H. Can be more helpful than Raynor in team play.
Tychus P1/2 8 Both prestige works. Note that Lone Wolf requires near-perfect outlaw choice, it's not going to give you a free win this week.
Zeratul P0/2 10 Don't use robobay composition.
Mecha Zergling Stetmann P2 8 Mecha Zerglings go go!
Mengsk P3 7 If you want to build ESO, build them between deployments for obvious reasons.
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Adding some of my own thoughts.

Regarding the viability of Artanis, the Chinese community had discussed this topic countless times. Soloing this mutation with Artanis was widely considered impossible until this. Even then, the amount of detail and planning went into this strat is ludicrous, there is absolutely no way for average players to pull this off casually in a random afternoon. And even if you're doing team play, chances are you're still being unhelpful, and would be better off with any other commanders. While P2 theoretically gives you the ability to engage Avenger head-on, you just don't have enough SoA energy to deal with so many attack waves from different angles.

For Aggressive Deployment, make sure you don't leave units at home or you're asking for trouble; For the same reason, commanders with powerful hero should make some units even if you don't need them. Other than that, as long as both players are doing their job, your overall experience shouldn't be too different from your regular brutal games.


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