Don’t forget the King of Battles tournament this weekend! (plus there’s stuff to play in)

Content of the article: "Don’t forget the King of Battles tournament this weekend! (plus there’s stuff to play in)"

Thought I'd throw together a bit of a PSA on some stuff to watch and/or play in this weekend.

King of Battles

The main event for this weekend is, of course, the $30,000 premier tournament King of Battles: KB International Championship, which will finally be kicking off the its main event Group Stage!

Beginning from 11:00 UTC tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd of October, we'll get to see Group A duke it out, with Serral and Maru facing off in the opening match and Trap and MaNa in the second match. The format is very much like in the GSL, so 5 matches will be played, with top 2 moving on to the Playoffs stage. The difference to GSL is that the 3 remaining matches after the first two are bo5 instead of the customary bo3.

On Sunday the tournament continues with Group B at the same 11:00 UTC beginning time. Same format, with the opening bo3 matches being TY vs. uThermal and Clem vs. RagnaroK.


The games will be broadcasted on the Alpha X Official Twitch, as well as the O'GamingTV Twitch (French), the IntoTheClan Trovo (Korean) and 3D!Clan Twitch (Russian)


VOD's for this tournament can also be found in the the above places as well as well as the Alpha X YouTube channel.

Tournaments to participate in (or just watch)

For all you GM at heart, there's also plenty this weekend to take part in yourself, should you like to unleash the absolute Starcraft monster within you.

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First off, on Saturday, there's the Sugar 2v2 Cup #9. As one might imagine from the name, 2v2 is the name of the game, so bring a friend and get terrifying in this open for all tournament from 01:00 UTC onwards.

Later the same day, there's the Grand Platypus Open #43, again a tournament open for players of all levels, providing you're from the SEA/OCE region. Begins from 08:00 UTC.

Still Saturday, Ao Dai Weekly #54 will be played and is open for all of you from the SEA region. The proceedings begin at 12:00 UTC.

Another open for all tournament on Saturday, REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #92 will also be happening. Please note the tournament site is in Russian. This one gets going at 15:00 UTC.

Finally, as Saturday draws to a close, there's still the Proxy Pylon Tournament #3 to play in. If you're Master 3 or anything below that, there are some noobs to smash from 17:00 UTC onwards.

On Sunday there's Legacy Weekly Japan 234 Open for any of you Japanese Starcraft fans. This one starts at 12:00 UTC.


If there's a tournament I have not mentioned here which you'd like to get some love, leave a comment for some visibility.


That was all, have a great weekend everyone!


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