ESL DreamHack SC2 Masters Summer 2020 Season Finals, Semifinals and Grand Finals match thread

Welcome to the playoffs of the ESL DreamHack SC2 Masters Summer 2020 Season Finals! Today we determine the Season Champion as Semifinals and Grand Finals are played.

I'm unfortunately going to be away from home and busy for most to all of the duration of the broadcast today, so any updates to the post will be sporadic and somewhat slow. I thank you in advance for your patience and recommend perusing the brackets on Liquipedia (linked below) as your primary source for score updates.

Get hyped and enjoy the games today, may the tournament close out with a bang!


Countdown to broadcast


Live updating brackets on Liquipedia

—— match thread


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For any newer viewers


ESL Main Stream – LIVE

ESL B Stream

TakeTV (German) – LIVE

OGaming (French) – LIVE

Caiobex (Portuguese)

HorussTV (Spanish) – LIVE

Adrrich (Spanish)

ALGaming (Chinese) – LIVE

IndyStarcraft (Polish) – LIVE

IntoTheInu (Korean)

3DClan (Russian) – LIVE

Alex007 (Russian

Kabyrage (Russian)

CrankTV (Korean) – LIVE

Cosmos (Portuguese)


Scoreboard, Semifinals

All matches are best of 5, loser is eliminated

Match # Players Score Aligulac score prediction
1 (Jin Air Green Wings) Trap vs. (Qlash) Reynor 3-1 1-3
2 (ENCE eSports) Serral vs. (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Cure 3-0 3-2

Scoreboard, Grand Finals

The Grand Finals are best of 7

(Jin Air Green Wings) Trap Score: 2-3 (ENCE eSports) Serral
X Deathaura
Eternal Empire X
Submarine X
Ice and Chrome X
X Ever Dream
Golden Wall X
Pillars of Gold *

Serral is your Season Champion with a 4-2 score over Trap!

*this map was never played


VODs for earlier matches of the tournament

ESL Official Twitch

ESL Archives YouTube (spoiler free)


Games/series recommendations thread for Groups A and B + Regionals

Games/series recommendations thread for Groups C and D

Games/series recommendations thread for Quarterfinals


Enjoy the games!


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