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I just had this idea for too long and can't help but share it.

Niadra campaign.

On Adena, Niadra thinks about ways to "destroy the protoss", but nothing comes to mind. So she evolves to increase her intellectual capacity, then again and again, until she comes to an answer that she can't do that. Even if Niadra seizes control over the whole Swarm – Overmind had it and still failed. And now even terrans probably will come to help. So the only way – force protoss to destroy themselves?

When Kerrigan created Niadra, she inserted some memories into her – a broodmother need to know basic minimum about zerg to command them, after all. But it was sloppy enough that some other memories was given as well. Now, Niadra clings to one of this vague memories to create a new plan.
In short, she intends to free Ulrezaj.

To achieve that, Niadra needs some allies. But the only force which possibly can agree to cooperate with rogue broodmother – Alarak and his Tal'darim. Because Alarak doesn't really care about Koprulu politics. And Alarak possibly can be baited by Ulrezaj's knowledge – even method of stabilizing dark archon should be pretty valuable. And method of fusing several protoss into single archon? Also, Ulrezaj could know even more interesting things…

Also, Niadra's own problem comes. She admires Kerrigan. And Kerrigan was the star of each battle. Niadra wants to be like that – but broodmother not really combat-type zerg. So, Niadra decides to evolve into some other kind of zerg(probably by "stealing Abathur from ZCGFU" mission?). Abathur is delighted by task of creating perfect combat zerg, so he requests some first-class essence. At the very minimum, Niadra is forced to find and kill Dehaka for it.

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Zerg power is to adapt – and pinnacle of zerg combat unit should be superiorly adaptable. Niadra mutates into shapeshifter, who can switch forms right in battlefield, choosing between ultralisk-based tank form, hydralisk-based ranged form, broodmother/zergling-based melee form, queen(sc1)-defiler based "caster" form and original support form. Possible flying mobile form and chitha-based psionic form?

While protoss with assistance of Dominion battles Ulrezaj, Niadra manages to capture Zagara, intending to kill her, seize control over the Swarm and destroy victor of protoss clash. But Zagara states that Kerrigan herself trainded her to be her successor, which means that if Niadra kills Zagara, she will go against Kerrigan's will. Thats out of question for Niadra. Ultimately, she decides to imprison Zagara for now and return control over the Swarm when all the protoss would be dead.

Eventually, Niadra fails(well, she couldn't succeed with destroying all the protoss, right?). Artanis, obviously, intends to execute her. Zagara intervenes, saying something like "Kerrigan created her, used her, and discarded when her purpose was fulfilled. I did the same, but I will not make same mistake again." This pisses Artanis even more, while Valerian shocked to see first historical sighting of zerg with compassion.

At this point, Niadra finally understands that:
1) Kerrigan did not wanted for all protoss to die.
2) Kerrigan would like for Niadra to serve Zagara now.
3) Zagara is truly unique zerg on par with Overmind and Queen of Blades, albeit different.
So she pledges her loyalty to Zagara. Valerian persuades Artanis to allow that, and then her first task is to defeat final boss Ulrezaj.

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Aftermath: Niadra becomes second most important entity in the Swarm. Zagara gives her full military authority(and maybe some title, like Warmother), focusing herself on political matters(lowering combat and tactics knwoledge and inserting diplomaty, negotiations, scheming and all this funny terran things instead). Niadra's new motto is "Zagara decides what to do for the Swarm, and I decide how." Also Zagara follows Niadra's example, changing her form from broodmother to regal attractive zerg waifu to ease possible contacts with terran

Additional things that could be inserted:
1) Nova. Assasinating rogue broodmother is work just for her, so she chases Niadra for the whole sector.
2) Additional essence hunting: can involve Stukov, xel-naga or Zerus.
3) At this point of lore, she wants to obtain a telepath, so spectres?


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