Fenrir the Spectre (OC)

Gender: Male Age: 19 Race: Terran Unit: Spectre

Hit Points: 125 Max Energy: 300 Energy Regen: 1.125 Armor: 6 Type: Hero, Psionic

•Psionic Lash: Psionic lash deals 200 damage to target unit. Costs 150 Energy.

•Soul of Terrazine: Because Fenrir been exposed to so much constant Terrazine he's gained a "second sight". This enhances his senses greatly and he acts as a detector.

•Gungnir: Fenrir's modified C-14 Rifle and semingly primary weapon. It deals 20 damage with a quick fire rate. Finrir can target Ground and Air units with this weapon. When equiped Finrir gains the Terra Stim ability. Fenrir injects a big dose of Terrazine into his veins and this supposedly enhances his physical performance. Costing 60 energy Terra Stim like the Stimpack ability Fenrir gains a boost to attack and speed but Fenrir's vertion gives him double the normal boost but it has a 30 second cooldown. (Gungnir is the name of Oden's spear from norse mythology. Ironically Oden used Gungnir against Fenrirs name sake in the epic final battle Ragnarock)

•Proton Punch: Fenrir's modified AGR-14 Rifle. It deals 25 damage and an additional 5 damage against armored opponents. It has a slow fire rate. Finrir can target Air and Ground with this weapon. When equied he gains the ability Terrazine Blast. At the push of a button Fenrir poors Terrazine into a bullet to "enchant" it. This attack costs 20 energy and deals 300 damage to a selected target. (the name is a reference to the ProtonPacks from Ghost Busters as Fenrir dosent like Ghosts unless he's either killing them or 1 upping them)

•Bloodskaal: Fenrir's modified Monomolecular blade. It can only attack ground units with a quick attack speed. When equiped Fenrir gains the ability Fenrir's Wrath. Costing 50 energy Fenrir channels his psionic power into the Bloodskaal's blade and makes a wide horizontal slash summoning a cresent shaped projectile of psionic energy. Fenrir summons a cresent shaped projectile that hits anything both directly and in arms legth infrount of his the cresent deals 250 damage and has a 15 second cooldown. (Its name and ability are references to the ElderScrolls 5 Skyrim. The Bloodskaal Blade is a uniqe 2 handed sword in the Dragonborn DLC and one of my favorite weapons from the game.)

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•Fenrir's Armor: this is Fenrir's modified Spectre Armor. It gives him better protection than the standard variant (aka actully gives him armor). And resembles a young wolf. The helmet is also unique as its essentially a vizor and rebreather like device with the top of his head exposed rather than a full helmet. He even has a tail thats seemingly completely cosmetic. He also has a hoodie and pair of shorts added over his armor as he seems to enjoy the aesthetic of it.

•Nyk-Class Cloaking Module: This allows the spectre to effortlessly maintain a cloaking field and channel his psionic energies elsewhere.

•Totem of Ghost Hunting: he may not be insane but Fenrir's still a Spectre and he collects prizes and totems as Spectres will. This Totem is a necklace of bullet casings. Each bullet casing comes from a ghost Fenrir's killed and it supposedly makes him stronger against Ghosts. Jury's still out on that though.

•Totem of Origins: when the Zerg attacked his home world Fenrir was rescued by the Defenders of Man. On the evacuation ship he was on he was given his pearnts old dog tags they fell bravely fighting the Zerg. Now he never parts with them both out of greif and that he now believes that with them the spirits of his dead pearent aid him in his Spectre endeavors.

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It seems Fenrir's destiny was clear from his birth as he's highly about average with psionic powers. But he was not fated to become a ghost rather he instead become something more elite, a Spectre. But he's not the only Spectre in his family both his pearnts were ghosts in Raynor's Raiders who volunteered to become Spectres. But they'd eventually retire to settele down and live new lifes in the better world the Raiders achived in making. But this life bored Fenrir and after hearing the many tales his pearnts told him he decided he'd follow in there foot steps. Supporting there son's decidion Fenrir learned Markmenship from his father and hand to hand from his mother. They even somewhat helped him develop his psionic abilities. But everything would change one fatefull day.

After a few years of peace the Zerg came and began to ravage the planet. Fenrir's parents urged him to seek safety but they wouldn't join him. Busting out their old gear they fought off as much of the Zerg as they could eventually falling in battle. But they succeeded and hundreds of people escaped thanks to their sacrifice this included Fenrir. After this he was taken to Korhal to be entered into the Ghost Program but fate intervened once more and he met a man named Kodlack the Wolf. Kodlack instantly scensed the boys potential and want to become a Spectre and began training Fenrir to be the elite infiltrator he'd always dreamed of being.

Fenrir is a Hero Spectre unit and unlike other Spectres scense both his pearnts were also Spectre not only is he emensly gifted in Psionics but seems to have a natural imunity or resistance to the insanity inducing effects of Terrazine to the point were he dosent even need Jurium or small doses of Terrazine to act as a buffer. In fact he's been so exposed to Terrazine with no major ill effects his eyes and mouth glow purple with some little flame like effect simmilar to Stetmin. He even perpusfully exposes himself to large amounts in order to enhance his Spectre abilities and powers.

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Fenrir has 3 weapons Gungnir, The Proton Punch, and The Bloodskaal. In the abilities window of the comand console are not only his abilities but options to switch between his weapons he also has the standard permanent cloak, detector status, and Psionic Lash ability. He dose have a 4th ability slot which changes depending on which of his 3 weapons he currently has equiped (see weapons tab for details). Each weapons are also better used at diffrent times. The Proton Punch is best used at long distances, Gungnir is best at mid ranch, and ofcourse Bloodskaal being a sword is for up close and personal.


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