Global passive

A passive that applies to both commander to encourage cooperative play

Only available in mutation to avoid face-rolling brutal

Raynor – Last Card To Play

When both players has lost 100 supply of combat unit in total within 60 seconds, all top bar cooldown and heroic unit’s ability cool-down of both player is reset (Cooldown 120 second)

Raynor summon units gain 100% attack speed for 5 seconds upon this activation

Comment: He always arrives at the best time needed

Kerrigan – I Am The Swarm

Units near Kerrigan (range 20) gain 1 stack of Queen’s fury per kill, last 30 second, can be refreshed

Whenever Kerrigan cast Assimilate or Immobilisation wave, she absorb all stacks of Queen’s fury from the units and release a shock wave that deals 5 damage per stacks to units and structures (Range 15), then grant herself 1 stack of Queen’s blessing permanently per 10 units killed by the shockwave (max 3 stacks per cast, cap at 20)

Queen’s fury: Unit has 1% increase attack speed health and movement speed

Queens blessing: Unit near Kerrigan (range 20) always have one stack of queen’s fury per stack of queen’s blessing

Comment: Nostalgic revival of Queen of Blades’ explosive individual power and the persistence of her swarm. Honestly the current Kerrigan build lacks interaction between her units and the hero (think about what her wild mutation skill does in Hots, that skill is a bit too op tho), she is the most powerful psionic and most powerful being after all.

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Artanis – Templar’s Return

All units of both players cost 0% mineral and 30% gas and training time, last 15 seconds

Can only be activated when a commander has less than 30 combat supply, each commander can activate only once

Comment: LoTV trailer cinematic

Swann – Special Delivery

Ally mechanical units can be loaded inside Herc with unlimited storage (similar to how Kerrigan omega worms works), grant 50% movement speed for 5 seconded upon unloaded

Ally biological unit can be loaded inside laser drill with unlimited storage unload at where laser drill is attacking

Comment: Wphewww … Pretty!

Zagara – For The Swarm

Revive all combat units died in the last 5 seconds of both player to the cursor in a drop-pod, Terran and Protoss units has infested/mind controlled appearance

Can only used once per player

Comment: What is better than face rolling the enemy, face roll them twice, this is the way of Zagara

Special usage: If both player activate the skill at the right timing, it can quadrible suicide units

Vorazun – Shakura’s veil

Every 3 second of walking grants unit 1% movement speed, stack up to 30%

At 15 stack (15% movement speed), grant unit stealth and 30% attack and spell damage that last 5 second after initial attack

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Lose 5 Shakura’s veil stacks every 3 second of not performing any action

Stealth units gain stacks twice as fast and lose stacks twice as slow

Comment: If we were to create an Protoss assassin clan, might as well make them true assassins

Special usage: With good micro this skill can work wonder, so I decide nerf the damage bonus to a 5 second burst

I’ll write more if you guys are interested, feel free to comment, criticise and suggest better alternative. Try to suit the lore rather than only focusing on gameplay. I will explain why how and why I design this way instead of the other ways if some passives are actively discussed, it would make the page too wordy if I go over for each.


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