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Good morning!

I have been soloing with Grease Monkey some so I can play it better than I did with my son last time I tried. As is often the case, the commander and prestige I have the most fun with is not necessarily my best, which these days seems to be Stettboy's Best Buddy.

In the past I have had two control groups of SCVs, a smaller one to quickly cue up Betty and the Gang and a larger one to send to help. I should probably put them on follow for the first group now that I think of it. Hmm.

Last night I tried, on normal Void Thrashing, having two small groups, one to take care of the attack wave and first thrasher, then build up the area before the third objective, while a second group worked toward the second objective and attack wave from that side. Once structures were built to take care of future attack waves up there, I combined the groups, all while continuing to crank out SCVs, baited up the ramp to the three thrashers, then same to the four rifts. I made it a point to get out of the area at every objective once (the fully upgraded) structures were clearly enough to finish the job so that time and fortress damage were not an issue. I made no units other than SCVs, no gas at the expansion, no upgrades from the Armory. I can do it without calldowns, which I'm saving the more higher difficulty levels. I think I'm ready to try hard now that I have some working plans. I'm not like everyone who can solo Brutal Mutations on every commander, but I can solo Brutal on some.

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How do yo play Grease Monkey? What are your plans for control groups, ramps, and calldowns? And, hey! Is it possible to load a Hercules with SCVs and drop them at Sgt Hammer's fortress to repair it? If Swann can do that you've got more time to build at your leisure!

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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