How do you anticipate that pro’s tactics will evolve in a year or two?

Content of the article: "How do you anticipate that pro’s tactics will evolve in a year or two?"

With each passing year/season, we see the level of play go up and up, both mechanically, strategically, and tactically.

Talking specifically about tactics, we see things like reaper bounching retreating enemy units back, hellions targeting their own reaper to kill creep tumors, DTs being used as spotters to prioritize robo unit production, etc etc. These are just some of the cool little tactics I've seen for the first time recently, or becoming more and more common/necessary.

Just for fun, here are some of my guesses to how the pro's play as a whole will improve in the future:

Terran: Better add-on switching to incorporate both mines and tanks versus Zerg, and to not take so long getting another raven up vs Protoss when their first one dies. Widow mines intercepting rally points and worker retreat routes from a drop. Better repair on key factory units. Preserving the early game hellions better to morph to hellbats in the mid-late game to deny runbys/protect tanks (focusing more on denying creep than killing drones/creative reaper grenade micro to save them). Hunting the first overlord better.

Zerg: Creep spread is the big thing here, using your pushing overlord line to spit creep and spread that creep faster. Many zergs also only spread creep once per inject cycle, while you can do it twice. Using burrowed banelings as spotters and potential big hits. Using evo chambers to sim city and mess with zealot runby AI (and using these for viper energy instead of hatches/spores). Hold position lurkers. Hidden banelings in the weeds in ZvZ. Overseers stacked with vipers to make feedbacks harder. Nydus every lategame for quicker positioning.

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Protoss: Having a sentry with glaives builds micro'd with the warp prism. Always making sure guardian shield is up. Having two prisms instead of just one in the mid-late game. Clearing creep better with small groups of adepts and a prism instead of the whole army. Mid-fight flanking disruptor drops on Terran's tanks. Pylons as vision and warp-in points all over the map versus Terran and Protoss. Hallucinated units just before a fight much more often to try and tank some damage on your more key units.

Of course many things here are big APM taxes, but I think as pro players get better, we'll start seeing them get faster, and more efficient in their play. What other tactical improvements do you anticipate in the future of Starcraft 2?


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