How to combat Dark Templar and Reaver Drops efficiently in Brood War?

Content of the article: "How to combat Dark Templar and Reaver Drops efficiently in Brood War?"

Hi everyone! I have just recently gotten back into Brood War casually over the last few days and wanted some advice on how to prepare for DT and Reaver Drops effectively before playing my coworker. Realistically they are going to win, but I would at least like to be competitive here if anyone has pointers.

The positives are that I used to play a lot, even if I was never good, and watched a lot of ASL when Flash and Bisu etc came back, so I know enough about the game that I can understand the terminology. I have an open mind in terms of race selection, so I’m willing to test different strategies and see if it’s a fit for my play-style. I already know my coworker’s main strategies, so if I see a shuttle, or If I don’t see an early zealot excursion, I’m going to have a good idea of what’s coming.

The limitations are that my APM is incredibly low, so to compensate for this I realistically am going to be limited to a 1 base strategy and making sure my resources are spent because I do a poor job scaling up from mid to late game. My coworker has played almost every day for a few months now and watches ASL so they will be heavily favored. He watched a lot of Bisu over the years, so he might have some semblance of Bisu probes.

I am thinking if I can get some concrete strategies to work towards that I can practice for a month or so on build order, hot-keys, micro, making sure resources are always spent, and at least make the games close and not just get swept in a Bo5.

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I definitely would appreciate any and all advice because as of right now I can easily handle the computer by putting consistent pressure on them, but that doesn’t count for much considering the computer will let you harass their workers and cripple their economy before they decide to fight back. Obviously, a human player will either pull them or trap you and kill your units. In terms of what I had in mind I am fine with using a cheese strategy for a game in the middle of the set to change it up, but my preference would be to play a fundamentally sound game to demonstrate I have learned something.


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