Hybrid Custom Faction—My Personal Ideas

I know that there are custom hybrid factions made by people out there, but here’s my own take on it.

Structure requirements: both creep and pylon power are needed to build hybrid structures. Lack of one without the other disables structures’ production and research/upgrades. Workers transform into structures, staying inside them for their construction, but come back out after completion, similar to Orc Peons and Night Elf Wisps in Warcraft 3.

Plasma shields: all units and structures start with zero shields and don’t regenerate health. They can regenerate shields, but only when their health is damaged. This is based on how much HP is taken away (so a unit that’s lost, say, 30 health, will get shield regeneration up to 30 shields).

Town Hall: provides supply, generates creep and spawns workers and basic army units and specialist units. Does not provide a power field.

Supply: creatures similar to overlords are spawned at the town hall, capable of switching between a mobile mode and a power field projecting mode, just like a warp prism. These creatures are the only source of pylon power for my custom hybrid faction. Like overlords or warp prisms, they can be upgraded to move faster, and to transport units.

Add-Ons: I have an idea for my custom hybrid structures to have attachments, like Terran structures, but in a functionally different manner. Instead of being built right next to the parent structure, add-one would be placed in a separate location chosen by the builder, exactly like creep tumors—only with a shorter radius, a four-tile grid and resource cost. An iridescent cord, similar to the ones seen connecting generators to gates in the Heart of the Swarm campaign (particularly mission 1, Lab Rat) would be visible to only the player and their allies, seen connecting the parent structure with the attachment. Structures can disconnect from add-ons and connect to others at the player’s leisure, based on distance, of course. If an attachment is too far away, a production structure can uproot and be ordered to transplant itself somewhere else, just like Zerg spine and spore crawlers. Naturally, only one attachment can be made between any structure/add-on pairing. There are two types of add-ons, just like with the Terrans’ tech lab and reactor.

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Primary Army Structure: a structure functionally identical to a spawning pool is constructed to unlock basic army units at the town hall. It also fills the same role as the evolution pit, engineering bay or forge, as it also unlocks defensive structures and provides weapon and armor upgrades. It can uproot and transplant, like spine and spore crawlers, and utilize add-ons, both to unlock upgrades to research itself, and ones to enable for the add-on to research, functioning like the Science Facility with a Covert Ops or Physics Lab in Starcraft 1.

This structure can morph into a superior version of itself, similar to the Hatchery/Lair/Hive or Spire/Greater Spire mechanic for the Zerg. In terms of unlocking more tech, it works like a cybernetics core, unlocking two other production structures, just like a cyber core would for a stargate and robo facility, and additionally unlocks weapon and armor upgrades for higher-tier units.

Once these structures are built, this structure can then morph into a third phase, like a lair to a hive. Except instead of one option, this version of the structure has two, and can’t change to the other once it morphs into one, like how the command center can change into either an orbital or planetary. Instead of each phase having abilities, though, each one unlocks their corresponding specialist units to be produced at the town hall. There is no limit to how many of these structures are available, so two of the basic structures can be built, morphed to their higher-tier form, and then separately morph into each specialized phase.

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Auxiliary Army Production Structures: there are two of the aforementioned higher-tier army unit-producing structures. Instead of enabling more units to be made at the town hall, these structures actually make the units themselves, and can also uproot, transplant and utilize add-ons.

There’s a lot more to brainstorm here, but here’s the basic jist.


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