“I don’t like playing TvT, its the worst match up” – shut up, grow a pair and stop smurfing!

Content of the article: "“I don’t like playing TvT, its the worst match up” – shut up, grow a pair and stop smurfing!"

This is getting out of hand! Diamond league is now full of players who in all rights should be in Masters league 2/1 but due the stupid system where an intentional leave counts as a regular loss, these guys deflate their MMR and match against players they are well and truly below them.

This is a rant I know and there's literally nothing that's going to be done about it, but if you're one of these players – piss off! If you don't like a match up – cheese it or all-in, at least make the barest effort to win. I'm terrible at ZvP, I hate the match up at the moment with a passion – but I'm at least trying and still my win rate levels out at 40% – the other guys will mess up some of time.

Are you protecting your ego?? What is the logic behind this? If you're afraid of losing, toughen up your mental state – its supposed to be part of the game, you'll play against people who can beat you and you might lose – deal with it.

Some people say these guys are training? Bullshit – you're not playing people who are as skilled at the game, you might as well open a custom game and do build practice. Try reaching out to other players and do customs if you only want to work on a match up – it what everyone should do. If this is training it would be like if McGreggor tried sparring with Chris Pratt – sure he might put up a fight for a little bit, but McGreggor ain gonna break a sweat.

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What this really is is bullying, its Billy Maddison beating up children for their lunch money. If you have an account like this and you're doing it for fun – you're plain and simply put – an asshole


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