I got trolled into Harstems most recent ”Is it imba or do I suck” without my acknowledge.

Content of the article: "I got trolled into Harstems most recent ”Is it imba or do I suck” without my acknowledge."

Hello all, if you are active on r/starcraft I think you will most likely recognize my name. I have been a big fan of SC2 esport for a very long time and I play it from time to time as well and I love it, love our esport scene and all of that and I have big respect for Harstem. But I honestly feel kind of disappointed in him. I will explain my situation.

Some days/week ago, I was on a losing streak on the ladder and wanted to take one more game before I had to go. I faced off versus a zerg that was 500-600 mmr above me(I always get pretty hyped when I play players that have higher mmr than me), unfortunately, the game went pure shit and I also did a bm comment towards the end of the match. “zerg really is broken” that was of course very childish but I did apologize to him directly after the match and also told him that his win was well deserved (of course it was, he completely outplayed me with his unit control).

So, what happens next? A couple of days or maybe a week later. I queued up on the ladder and the guy told me that he recognized my name from Harstems youtube “Is it IMBA or do I suck”. So I of course checked it out directly after the match. I will have to admit the video was actually kind of fun, also his comments were actually helpful for my future gameplay. Even though you don’t have to be a genius to see that I did wrong there.

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The problem is that it was the Zerg player that sent this to Harstem pretending to be me and then wrote the most pathetic “Imbalance Complain” comment. Like for real does that not ring any bells right there that it was like the biggest meme?

But of course, Harstem presents it to his viewers that it was I that wrote it.

I understand Harstems concept of “Is it imba or do I suck” and it´s very funny, but only if the player that submit it to Harstem also is verified of Harstem. For him to verify that would be as simple to just write to Harstem in Starcraft 2 from that account or similar.

TLDR: My opponent pretending to be me and sent it to Harstems “Is it imba or do I suck” and now it is a YouTube video of it with thousands of viewers. The player pretending to be me also made me look that I was super bad-mannered.


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