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Hello all,

So lately I have been playing some CoH 2 and I was thinking how the economy mechanics could work in SC2.

So for those of you not familiar with any Company of Heroes/Dawn of War/Iron Harvest mechanics, the way the economy works there is that you have some basic income of resources and you capture points on the map to get more income from there. No workers harvesting resources or anything like that. This creates dynamic gameplay from the get-go as the first units fight for the points on the map from the first minutes.

I was thinking about creating a mod like that to see if this could be at least fun to play (even tho probably not perfectly balanced) but I have 0 experience in modding and creating anything basically in Sc2.

I wonder what you guys think, would it be possible to create such a mod in SC2 and make it somewhat fun to play? I've given it some thought on what changes might be necessary to make it playable (also note that I tried to "balance" things mostly from the economy side, without changing unit stats/costs and so on.

  • I think Protoss has way fewer units at the beginning of the game so maybe by default Toss as a race could get more resources from the points they already control? (maybe 20-30% more?) this way although the map will not be perfectly split 50/50, the income might be somewhat similar in this scenario
  • similar to the point above, zerg might be a little too favored because sending 1 ling to every point is very cheap. Similar to the point above, zerg could get fewer resources from each point, assuming they will hold more of those most of the time. This would create an asymmetric economy between all the races where Z/T/P get respectively 70/100/120 % resources? Another way I thought this problem from Z side might be balanced is that Zerglings take significantly more time to capture the resource points
  • To prevent proxy rush kill strategies i think each base should start with some static D on the start. Like few cannons/spines/*fireturrets* and maybe one Anti-air. This also depends if the economy will allow such strategies.
  • i think that the territories giving you gas should be more in the middle of the map as the main points worth fighting for
  • I think that in a split-map situation (pretending each race gets the same amount for a second) should give you around 3-base saturation income level?
  • I am still trying to figure out a way to prevent the early game to be just zerglings running around and killing stuff that is not behind any wall. Or maybe oracles/glavedepts will just be standard opening and it will not be that bad
  • I am not sure if air units should be able to capture points, but probably not.
  • Edit: Obviously no minerals/gases in standard bases, so no need to expand as we do now, but you might wanna create some static D around most crucial points, like getting some shiled batteries/ cannon near an important choke or a gas point.
  • In The mentioned games winning by Victory points (which you get by controlling few main areas on the map) is the main win condition as destroying everything would prolong the game a lot, I like the idea but I don't know if it would be necessary for SC2. I think i am leaning more towards implementing this system as well, but I could also imagine arguments against it
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How do you guys like the idea and what else do you add to make the game fairer? I get it SC2 is a way different game and it would be incredibly hard if not impossible to balance, but maybe at least playable.


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