Idea to change (maybe improve?) stalkers

Content of the article: "Idea to change (maybe improve?) stalkers"

Hi everyone,

I'm a diamond protoss and I would like to suggest an idea to change blink stalkers that would hopefully make the protoss matchups more strategy-oriented and the stalker less of a hit or miss unit, hopefully without making the unit useless or broken.

Firstly, I would like to note that although I was not playing bw before sc2 and so I cannot compare games, I recently read nerchio's take on why he has stopped playing (the game stopped being strategic and became almost purely mechanical) and another reddit user's comment on a post, where they argued that terrain in sc2 is almost completely pointless, citing blink stalkers as defying walls and high ground.

Although I love stalkers, I have to agree with both statements. The game definitely feels very mechanical and almost not at all strategic right now, and also terrain is almost meaningless. i mean, personally, I do not even feel that much difference between different maps anymore… It's kind of always the same opener, a few big engagements, and that's it.

I feel like the difference in engagement frequency and importance in sc2 compared to bw has to do with the limitless control groups, which makes it easier and more worthwhile to fight with bigger armies (since army strength grows with the square of army size) but I do not want to touch on that.

Regarding the terrain issues, I always found the terran mech composition to be the most strategic of all, since sieging and unsieging is by definition a matter of strategic placement and terrain utilization. However, blink stalkers by design disregard the terrain and can pick-off tanks quite easily, especially in the first 6 minutes where there are 1-2 tanks to keep defense.

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To make sieging more important, and the terrain more respectable in PvT (and PvP), I would like to hear your opinions about removing blink and adding an upgrade that gives the stalkers increased movement speed (to compensate for the mobility) and greater range, so that they can still function as pick-off/anti-sieging units in certain situations, but keeping such situations a matter of better vision and high-ground placement.

Sorry for the long post!


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