If I could write the plot of a third game

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The time gap between 2 and 3 were relatively peaceful for the Terrans, Protoss, and even Zerg. Tensions and disputes sometimes lead to violence, but none that lasted for extended periods. But back on Earth, something big has been found. Xel'Naga artifacts have been found on Earth, or at least signs that the Xel'Naga were present on Earth once.(or Amon's renegade group visited Earth). Believing that the power of the artifacts will make them stronger, the UED launches a second invasion of the Koprulu Sector. But unbeknowist to anyone, these artifacts have a role in keeping the Voice in the Darkness, mentioned in the comics imprisoned, and he's FAR worse then Amon. The drums of war once again thunder across the sector. However, with most of the original cast either dead, retired, taking the role of mentor, or on a higher plane of existence, it now falls to a new group of characters to save the universe.

Here are some additional elements and features I'd add to the story mode. I'd make it so that though whatever new characters are created, the people they protect hate them, because they feel like these new heroes are "mooching off the accomplishments of true heroes of the past", or they "did not earn their role". Just in case you haven't figured it out, this is a satire of how fans are often hostile to new characters, especially if they are successors.

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In addition to the UED returning, Alarak and the Tal'Darim also enter the playing field, and for much of the game, you're not entirely sure of what Alarak's true plan is. He seems to court every faction involved, and seems to be neither friend or foe. But whatever he has planned, the game indicates that it's not good. But once again, he seems to be a necessary evil.

In a bit of a departure from usual story roles, this time the Umojan Protectorate gets the role of main Terran protagonist faction, or at least gets as much focus as the Dominion. In fact, the game opens with a group of Umojan Shadowguards trying to stop a terrorist attack on Korhol. This establishes that not all Terrans have put Mengsk's crimes in the past, and still want "justice".

In terms of the Protoss and Zerg, the Protoss have become much more social and emotional people. Without the Kala to sense emotion, many Protoss have taken to learn more detecting emotion based on body language, and the way they communicate telpathically. Some of them are even going out of their way to express how they are feeling. A bit of a running joke is that some former Dark Templar have become something akin to therapists.

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As for the Zerg, they have continued to evolve, and not just psychically. Zagara has continued Sarah's new path for the swarm, which has lead to some jumps in the Zerg's fast evolution. Old units have new abilities, but that pales in comparison to the Zerg's most recent evolution. A number of Zerg unites have evolved vocal chords, and thus have gained the ability to speak and form personalities. This has lead to controversy among the Broodmothers. While some think that a more intelligent swarm will be more effective, others fear that if the Brood units get too smart, they will rebel and fear that the Zerg society will devolve into the more chaotic Primal Zerg society. So Zagars must find a way to allow more individuality and intelligence among the units, while also maintaining stable organization.

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