If you understand Korean, you’re missing out by not tuning into GSL Korean casters.

Content of the article: "If you understand Korean, you’re missing out by not tuning into GSL Korean casters."

Disclaimer: I'm not downplaying the US casters. Tastosis are an amazing duo. Their passion, knowledge and sense of humor are incredible. With that out of the way…

When you listen to the GSL Korean casters, you learn a ton about the game. They analyze the game on multiple levels: the state of the match, its relationship with the metagame, and even the history of SC. Things that only a dedicated long-term player would know.

For example, during Zoun vs Soo, the casters commented on how the disruptors were using nova immediately after exiting the warp prism–almost as though Zoun had manually hotkeyed each disruptor. That how exceptional it was, as even pros rarely use more than 3-4 army hotkeys. They also discussed a similar technique in Brood War called 'Shooting Reavers'–a trick that was briefly popular during the early days of the game before it was snuffed in patch 1.04.

Another example: in Zoun vs Innovation, where the Protoss went Phoenix into Colossus. The casters pointed out that this strategy once earned Dear his 23-0 PvT winstreak. That it was specifically designed to work with a 2-base econ against a 2-base Terran, because gateway units cannot trade efficiently with Terran bio in a 2 base vs 2 base situation. They hypothesized that Zoun chose this strategy because the map made it difficult for him to take the third (also Zoun was crushed when he attempted a conventional macro game against Inno, so he knew he had to be unconventional).

Notably, the casters are on friendly terms with the Korean pros. They often pick up juicy bits from the players, including personal drama, opinions about other players, and the state of the game. This is what pushes the GSL commentary into an engaging experience. They're the ones who make fans come back for more.

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Obviously, having one more person helps, including TY, an actual top-level Terran pro. I'd also like to mention Young-jae Hwang(황영재), a talented analyst who often dives into the players' minds and predicts their moves.


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