Improving starcraft2 cpu performance (for all but especially AMD)

Content of the article: "Improving starcraft2 cpu performance (for all but especially AMD)"

I've just found this thread and it helped me so I decided to share it. I had intel i5-7500 processor, changed it to amd ryzen 5 2400g and noticed boost in performance, but still I didn't have smooth 60 fps in 1:1 200 vs 200 fights with bunch of zerglings on lowest details and 4:4 performance was crap.

After doing what is in thread games runs much smoother and better.

For all

Change CPU affinity. I believe like guy on blizzard forums says sc2 uses up to 4 threads.
Set CPU affinity using lasso (you can do that in task manager but solutions is not permanent?) so each thread uses different core. I set it to 0,2,4,6. Also I believe moving one thread from one core to other core might be costly (so if you have 6 core cpu limit to 4 cpus because max 4 threads), but I'm not sure, I'm not cpu architect expert. I know L1/L2 cache is not shared between cores so that's one reason why recovering thread context on another core might take more time and there are also some security/memory-access between processes precautions. Context switching basically puts back register values (rax, rbp and stuff) and then restores them.

For amd

Starcraft2 uses intel math kernel library (intel mkl). Intel mkl has unfair CPU dispatchers. It checks whether cpu is intel or not and then uses one instruction set or other.

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More info here:

I'm not dead sure if it helped me because I only did it after affinity step, but I think I noticed boost in performance. I set env variable mkl_debug_cpu_type=5 like here

However I read intel mkl removed that env variable in their update this year, but I think sc2 is shipped with older version(need to change binary/library files otherwise or use debugger tools that override memory of working application).


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