Is this the final patch we want?

Personally, I think peak StarCraft2 was in 2017 when rogue won Blizzcon. Zerg was not overperforming, games were pretty balanced, and the meta felt a little bit better. It felt like the game was really balanced, and other than late game protoss, nothing felt really abusive. (Burrow fungal is the exception and should not be in the game).

Then, the new balance team started their crazy changes such as:

-Battlecruisers made into a early game harass unit instead of a late game powerhouse unit (stupid design, breaking core RTS fundamental rule)

-Shield batteries+overcharge and void rays buff (Void rays should NOT be a core unit. Right now its the core mid game unit in PvZ and its stupid, core units should be ground units)

– Lurkers 10 range at hive ( If not for skytoss being OP, lurker turtle would be unbreakable, bad design. You can see how strong lurkers are in late game ZvZ.

-Thors outranging broodlords; removal of broodlords leash range (Removed more micro potential from zerg, thors too good all around vs zerg, broodlords very very hard to use vs mech terran)

-Vipers or neural are now the only way zerg can kill units late game in both ZvP and ZvT mech. ( In my opinion, abduct should be removed, neural parasite capped at 4 supply units, and broodlords and ultras should be better overall)

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-Infested terrans got upgrade scaling again, but they also added rockets vs air, which was broken. Instead of removing rockets only, they removed infested terrans entirely and gave us micro shroud instead, which doesnt come close to replacing Infested terran versatility. Infestors are now dead weight if they dont have 75 energy. Its the only caster in the game like this.

-Many creep and queen range nerf coupled with buff to early air from terran and toss (battlecruisers, void rays). They wanted to discourage mass queens, instead they forced even more queens.

In my opinion, a air unit that can attack ground and air such as carriers, battlecruisers, void rays, mutas,etc. should always be beatable with mass ground to air units such as stalkers, marines, or hydras. It is currently not the case and mass air can force mass air. Bad design( they knew in broodwar when they added goliath range, how do we not know in 2020?)

I really think the game is in a terribly broken state, and if its the final patch it wont survive.

Zerg on ladder went from being the most populated race in masters/GM to having half as many players in GM as protoss in those 3 years. Where did those zerg players go? Most just quit the game or barely play anymore.

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Personally, as someone who played consistently for the last 10 years, this patch is the only patch that ever made me stop playing the game completely, as it is no longer enjoyable. Zerg is very limited in build diversity while other races playing vs zergs have nearly infinite build orders and playstyles.

This patch is not good. ZvP especially is in a pitiful state.

Let me finish by asking this question:

If in 2010 StarCraft2 was announced and battlecruisers was a worker harass unit that was terrible in a late game max army, if mass void rays flying around the map was mid game PvZ meta, and if PvZ almost always ended up in 40minutes stalemate of spores and casters vs carriers and canons and batteries….

How do you think the reception would have been? What do you think the community would have thought about the direction of the game?

We cant let this be the final patch for StarCraft2. We have to do some noise and maybe get ESL or afreeca to take care of balance. I miss enjoying StarCraft2.


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