Karax New Unit: Khaydarin Colossus / New Ability: Chrono Wave Module

The Khaydarin Monolith is a cool and powerful structure. What if it could move? The Khaydarin Colossus is a Colossus that has the attack of the Khaydarin Monolith. Attacks ground and air. Prioritizes air and high HP targets.

Affected by Chrono Wave by default. Gets greatly increased attack speed and movement speed for the duration of Chrono Wave.

Mix it with regular Colossus. One covers ground (incl. small ground targets), one covers air and/or large targets.

It has Aiur Colossus model.

It would be cool to have a Colossus-only army that can deal with both ground and air, both small and large units. It would still be vulnerable to Vipers and Scourge (and to a lesser degree Battlecruisers) so there would still be room for Karax’s orbitals to factor in.

It’s not like Karax’s Immortal because its anti-air attack is automatic. It’s not like Alarak’s Wrathwalker because (1) Alarak doesn’t have a regular Colossus to mix it with and (2) it is affected by Chrono Wave.

Base cost 300m 200g, applicable cost modifiers apply (Karax Level 1 Talent, Templar Apparent prestige).

Damage: 100 (+75 vs Structure), CD: 2.5s.

Hit points: 200*150% = 300 (150% because of Level 1 Karax Talent).

Shields: 150.

+30% Hit points and shields Karax Mastery: 390 HP, 195 Shield.

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Let’s Increase hit points and shields just a bit so it’s over 600 combined and can survive 2 Yamatos.

Chrono Wave Module:

An INDIVIDUAL upgrade (i.e. one unit at a time, like Mengsk's Dominion Trooper weapon equipment upgrades) that, when installed on a unit, allows it to be Chrono Waved. It would have its attack speed and movement speed increased by 500% for the duration of the Chrono Wave.

Unavailable for Khaydarin Colossus as it is already affected by Chrono Wave by default.

It costs 75m per module/unit, as much as an Alarak P1 Supplicant. Let Karax dump his minerals into making his units stronger and increasing the usefulness of and giving new use/purpose to his Chrono Wave ability.

This is not just an idea. I really want this implemented (either by someone else or myself) in a custom map based on Maguro's maps so that I and others can then play it. I'm mentioning /u/Fluffy_Maguro and /u/DehakaBurger to get them to see this. They have done wonderful work and are both skilled modders/mapmakers and hopefully they implement it. If not, I'll have to find the time and learn how to make maps / mod starcraft and implement myself. There's a ton of changes and improvements to Coop that I would like to see implemented based on Maguro's maps. Here's a few of my ideas in my two posts here: also have ideas for other new units (e.g. Assault Banshee for Raynor).

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So PLEASE, Dehakaburger and Maguro, can you help me implement these new units / ideas? Or at the very least help me learn SC2 mapmaking/modding?


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