King of Battles: KB International Championship, Group Stage, Group D match thread

Content of the article: "King of Battles: KB International Championship, Group Stage, Group D match thread"

Welcome to the Group Stage of the King of Battles: KB International Championship! Today we will determine the final pair of players to make it to the Playoffs stage.


Countdown to LIVE


Liquipedia Tournament Page. Includes a regularly updated bracket visual as well as timestamps


VODs for previous broadcasts are available in the following places:

Alpha X YouTube

O'GamingTV Twitch (French)

the IntoTheClan Trovo (Korean)

3D!Clan Twitch (Russian) (English, spoiler free)


You can support the event on Matcherino. Sponsor Quests on the right also add money for free so do check them out!

Replay pack for entire tournament (Main event and casted qualifier matches) available at $10.

———– match thread


For newer viewers


Alpha X Official

O'GamingTV (French)

IntoTheClan (Korean)

3D!Clan (Russian)

Belair (German)

Matiz (Polish)

SCBoy (Chinese)


First two matches best of 3 (first to win two maps wins the match)

M3 – M5 are best of 5 (first to win three maps wins the match)

The two best players advance to the next round



Match # Players Score Aligulac score prediction
1 (KaiZi Gaming) INnoVation vs. (Alpha X) Nice 2-0 2-0
2 (Team QLASH) Reynor vs. (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Cure 0-2 2-1
3 (Winner's match) (KaiZi Gaming) INnoVation vs. (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Cure 3-1 3-2
4 (Loser's match) (Alpha X) Nice vs. (Team QLASH) Reynor 0-3 3-0
5 (Decider match) (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Cure vs. (Team QLASH) Reynor 3-2 1-3

INnoVation makes it out first in the Group!

Cure makes it out second in the Group!


If you've read this far, do also check out the event calendar on for further tournaments or events. There's plenty of Starcraft going on before and after King of Battles!


Enjoy the games!


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