Let’s remove a cannon rush from the game

Content of the article: "Let’s remove a cannon rush from the game"

SC2 is being promoted as the most competitive Esports. Also, like any other F2P game, it is supposed to be enjoyable and fun to play for casual players. Now, let see what a cannon rush is.

  • You don't have to be good in the game to win doing a cannon rush. I won a lot of games with cannon rushes in HotS and LotV while I didn't have a clue about PvZ and PvP. There are a lot of references in the tournaments where 5500-6000 players beat pros with cannon rushes.
  • A cannon rush leads the game to a narrow path. A zerg player who is being cannon rushed has to make a ravager rush or a nydus play, and a protoss player has to do a specific build with a counter forge and fast void rays. A cannon rush with a Robo in PvZ makes things even worse. The game loses all its natural diversity just because one of the players decided to go a cannon rush.
  • You can't deny your opponent from doing a cannon rush if they are willing to. That means that they can force you in those narrow scenarios any time they want. You may want to try some macro but instead of that, you'll have to play a few cannon rush scenarios in a row.
  • It is not enjoyable to face a cannon rush. No matter if you win or lose, you swear on your opponent who came up with that strategy. Generally, you would not want to play more games after facing a few cannon rushers in a row on the ladder.

Those who play StarCraft II long enough may remember that once in a day, protoss players could warp units upwards the ramp and all the pylons were fast by default. However, those mechanics were removed because playing against one-base warp-gate rushes were not of any fun because you had to do very specific things to counter that or you would lose immediately. I think that a cannon rush is pretty much the same thing. And it would take the same to remove it.

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A photon cannon just must have some kind of a debuff when placed too far from your own base. For example, it can shoot or be building twice as slow when not in the overcharge zone or powered by a fast pylon. Maybe it would be easier to pick it up if all pylons in the overcharge zone would be fast, too, but it's not too important.

Someone could argue that cannon rushing is just a different branch of the game, but well. That branch is only too narrow in comparison to all the vast diversity that it denies completely. Also, I think it's obvious that if we make a poll, a vast majority of the players would say that they don't like to play against a cannon rush. So cannon lovers are more than welcome to make Arcade maps and cannon-rush each other any day of the week, but please keep this shit out of the ladder and tournaments.

I'm not sure if the same logic should be applied to a bunker rush. At least, that's much less of an issue currently.


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