LIVE TODAY: Ample vs Yabsab & LIGHT VS BEST!!!

Team Think Quick & Alpha X Present

This exclusive LIVE event will feature a 1v1 EPIC showmatch between the two top Korean pro-gamers Light and Best!

This live event is dedicated to the foreign Brood War community

Seven whole games will be played on seven different maps, with a $500 minimum prize pool, and 30% of it going to the overall winner and 10% for each game won.

Matcherino Donations Welcome
All contributions go to prize pool, code : aX313 adds $0.50 for free

Casted by Kwark, SaiyanSC & SteveJung

March 18 at 12:00 AM EST | March 17 at 9:00 PM PST| March 18 at 1:00 PM KST

Sponsored by Trovo.Live

This Trovo sponsored event is very important. Please watch it live on our new Trovo account during the scheduled time. If we achieve a decent viewership, Trovo which is owned by Tencent has agreed to sponsor many more Brood War events (both showmatches and season long events) featuring top foreigners and pro-gamming Koreans on their platform. We already have another Trovo sponsored event scheduled for Tuesday March 16 starting at 8:30 pm EST

To avoid confusion concerning the day/time of the Light vs Best event, please note the teaser match will start at midnight on Wednesday the 17th according to US Eastern Time (which will make it Thursday then). For Pacific time, the tease match will kick off at 9:00 pm PST on Wednesday March 17.

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Decent viewer numbers will justify continued sponsorship which will directly support and benefit foreign and Korean Brood War players while providing some of the highest quality entertainment to StarCraft lovers. This sponsorship opportunity should not go to waste, especially since it does not require the organizers or fans to contribute financially. We are a non-profit, for the community by the community initiative, supporting players, casters, mappers and graphic designers so please consider helping us out by watching this event on Trovo! Please create a Trovo account and follow TeamThinkQuickTTV.

The StarCraft II Team Alpha X is sponsored by Trovo and is working with us to do the same for Team Think Quick. We have dubbed our collaboration with Alpha X in hosting experimental events on Trovo 'Think Alpha'. Team Think Quick will continue to stream its other events on its regular Twitch channel.

======> Watch LIVE here <======

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