Long Post: Is starcraft becoming starcraftmemes?

Content of the article: "Long Post: Is starcraft becoming starcraftmemes?"

So I've noticed that with the removal of the low-effort meme restriction, we have been inundated with quite a large number of memes. Now while I do agree that some light-hearted content is worthwhile, I think we can agree that if the front-page is only memes, pushing down all the tournament information, new SC2 initiatives within the community, strategy posts, etc. (from here on called 'serious posts', for lack of a better term) then this will ultimately lead to a lower quality community than one that can do both: support serious posts and meme material.

So let's look at the front page as it stands now. Note that I use the classic reddit view which means I can see far more posts without scrolling (though do have to click to see more), while the majority of users (presumably) who use the new reddit view will have to spend more effort to see posts further down. We can see already that the first 4 posts are memes, totalling 1574 upvotes, with an average of 394 upvotes each. So lets compare that to the more serious SC2 content (I've included promotional posts in here, though some might argue they don't belong, they were none the less 6th and 7th post in order). Total upvotes: 366, with an average of 91.5 per post. Now obviously meme posts are by definition going to get more upvotes, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out with how the human psyche works to be able to consume quick, funny content much more easily than longer, more serious content. But this does mean that with an increase in memes, serious content ends up being buried even further than it was before.

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Now you could argue that it's possible to use RES to exclude the 'fluff' posts, so you only see serious content. The problem is most people I would argue still want some fluff, particularly the best ones available to still remain. This I think is what the low effort meme rule's intention was, to rule out the less well thought out posts, which would end up being the least funny as well (this unfortunately turned out not to be the case, hence some very highly upvoted memes were removed). The problem with not having memes at all is that the community loses part of its creativity, charm, and casual user base who may be less interested in serious posts about the game. Also, excluding yourself from the 'fluff' means you will likely miss out on references made by casters and other people in the community, such as on Twitch, since they'll at times quote something funny they saw here. Maybe that doesn't matter to some people, but communities generally benefit from having some 'inside jokes', of which fluff helps with.

So what's the solution? Honestly I don't know, perhaps low effort memes are only allowed if they get a very significant number of upvotes (say 500+), so that we don't lose the top tier but also don't overwhelm the front page with medium or low tier (not effort, tier to denote quality) meme posts. But I'm not really sure. What I can say is I don't think the current state of things is desirable, and is probably going to make people think twice about posting about their $200 tournament that's running on the weekend if they see the front page covered in a sea of memes, knowing it's unlikely their tournament will get any exposure.

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Let me know your thoughts.


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