Meta improvement : consistency?

Hello everyone,

I would like some feedback on a "meta" improvement topic. Meaning that is not related to any specific race, but rather on a general aspect of SC2 (and even more generally, on any competitive hobby I guess) : consistency.

I have been struggling with consistency in the recent days. Before that, I didn't have a problem with it because I was climbing quite fast. Recently, I have lost a few games that I could have totally won (I do not mean to be condescending, I hope you see what I mean) if I played them at my actual level.

An extreme example that happened to me yesterday. I am playing Zerg and was against a Protoss. I scout that the opponent didn't take his natural and what do I do when I see that (because I actually saw it, I mean I looked at it while my ovi scouted it) : absolutely nothing, I take my B3, start a very late Roach Warren and make 0 units. Well, guess what, he won with a timing attack made of something like 8 units (with a few reinforcements after), nothing surprising. Another example is maxing out super late even though my opponent is not harassing me, and I am like : "wtf, I maxed out THAT late?!".

I guess that for many of you, this kind of mistake does not even exist anymore, but this is not really my point. My point is that usually, of course I do a few things when I scout this or that instead of just glaring at my screen and autopiloting as if I was against nobody. I would like to discuss and have a few feedback around this problem. It was really frustrating for me to witness how my brain was awfully off the game.

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So to sum up, in some games I am 100% and I can feel it, on the other hand, on some games I am 10% and I feel it also, and it is very, very frustrating for me. Missing injects, 0 reaction times, etc … I wonder if some of you have any advises around this topic.



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