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2011 I took my first steps in SC2. One of my first SC2 memories is making a spine to try and grow my creep like you could with the Undead in WC3. Despite silvers firm grip on my skill, I had found my game for life. In the nine year since I've played a little over 3000 games, hired Pig for coaching, gambled a few thousand on GSL, WCS, and everything in between. I competed in amateur tournaments and team leagues. I've never been very good, but I've slowly scraped and clawed my way into a consistent low diamond Zerg with decent macro and a love for the occasional dedicated aggression.

In June my life went into chaos. While trying to stay sane without my PC during lock down, I eventually get the call from work asking me to move back to Colorado and start my job again. At the same moment I got the news that my best friend and only social life in Colorado had suddenly passed away. To say I was broken hearted is an understatement. This was the most important person in my life at and that's without including that he was my social circle as well as my plan for housing to return to. With the sudden change I had to quickly change course while also struggling with my grief. Eventually I find a place that is way too small and overpriced, but they agreed to let me move in with only a zoom meeting.
When I got to my new home I find that I have two roommates, who are about my age and play video games. When asked what I play, I give my usual line, "well I play a few things occasionally, really I only play an older game called Starcraft." One of my new roommates lit up with glea and said "No way! I play Starcraft, what are you?" I'm sure all of you can imagine how this floored me. Never in my life had I had a friend to play sc2 with, and out of pure luck I found a Random diamond for a roommate who was within 100 MMR of me.

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The next two weeks I was quarantined and he was on summer vacation. We would play for 6-8 hours a day and I can't even express the joy this gave me. At a time where I was constantly crying and struggling to eat, I had found a once in a lifetime friend who listened to my grief while also practicing all three matchups with me. It was the hardest month of my life personally and my happiest month of videogames I'll ever have.
Recently we've started watching Vibes Bronze to Masters and I had dedicated to getting the two of us into Masters. Prior to meeting each other, neither of us had ever even considered it a possibility, but now that we had found each other as practice partners we both saw the potential in each other to cross off an impossible bucket list item. We got to play about 5 games where I "just built drones" and my macro alone crushed him, and we both understood how quickly we were about to start growing.

This past weekend, life came crashing back down. My brand new life long friend started feeling ill on Friday night, and by Monday morning his family had to shut off his life support. Answers aren't clear but one test came back with West Nile and it wasn't Covid. WTF, west nile isn't even supposed to be on our radar of things to worry about.

So now I'm sitting here feeling stuck. My best friend and my connection to thru hiking and the great outdoors has passed away. My newest friend and my connection to Starcraft and the game that most influences my life has passed away. How do I continue to practice and try to get better, when I've experienced having the perfect practice partner and know that I'll never have that again? I finally loaded up the game today. I can't go back to Zerg right now, so I'm currently "just building probes" until I'm comfortable "just building scv's" and then I will try to become a Random player. I played my first non zerg game in LOTV today, and later I'll play my second. Of my 3103 total games, today was my 25th non zerg game. I'm currently 0-15 as protoss in my career, but I'll get my first win today. I'm going to do my best to honor my friend while desperately trying to maintain my love for this game.

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At a time of utter grief, this friend and this game was the primary factor in keeping me sane. If you are a content creator out there, I just want you to know that there are people out there who get more out of your content than you could possibly imagine, and I am so thankful for everyone who makes the SC2 community so great. Thanks for reading my story of grief.

TL:DR Life is hard, Starcraft can be healing.


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