My Starcraft 2 Journey: My first laddergames

Part I

Okay after refining my gameplan and Buildorder against the Ai i built up enough courage to start a Ranked game.

Okay my very first Zerg ranked i did my best to stay calm. While waiting for the loading screen i thought about all the things i wanna pay attention to and my common mistakes in the ai games.
The Game starts and everything goes smoothly and i decide to send some lings across the map to see what he will go for ~2:20 i see 3 cannons almost finished on the edge of my creep. I fell for the oldest cheese out there. Okay i took that lesson and include a cannon scout into my routine.

Lessons learnd from that game: If against random start with drone scout, and against toss check for canons when building pool.

My second game
against a Silber toss. I was confident i would be able to at least hold up to him. I checked for cannons and he decided to do a full canonwall on his second base and build every tech structure but . So i went 4 Base and Rolled over him with upgraded hydras lings and banes.

even tho it wasnt a very hard game i was sweating but i

my very first ranked win HYPE

Third game here we go
Platin Toss i was ready to get my ass handed in loading screen. But i remaind calm and remembered my first ranked and thought about when to scout for cannon rush. And he did canon rush me I pulled 4 drones and cleaned everything up nice and smooth. Later in the game i saw him walling his natural with a canon a forge a gat and a pylon. He had a void ray patrolling to deny my overlords. I decided to get more gasses and max out on Hydras since Corrupters kinda suck against voids. I used my lings to contain him on 2 Bases. And after 10 Mins of Waiting outside of his gate ready to starve him … he crushed my hydras with carriers and steamrolled over me.

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What i learned: In order to starve him i need to actually make him lose resources, I need to rely less on just overlords to scout and all i would have needed were a couple of banes to crak open and kill all his worker around min 10

And then it started my winning streak I won the last 2 Games and got place in Gold 2 … GOLD 2 right after placements. I was Super hyped about it but also told myself yea i probably got placed to high after all i just started out and only played coop before.

to be continued


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