Need help with in-game purchase bug

Hello, I make my first post in this subreddit because i need help with an in-game purchase problem. On my main account, i am unable to make any in-game purchases (commanders, warchests, campaigns, anything), either all purchase buttons are missing or the options say “0.00 eur ???” And i can not buy anything. I have contacted support and I thought it was a parental controls bug, but apparentky, no i do not have parental controls set up on my account, so that’s not it. Support told me that this bug may be linked with the fact that my country is somehow not the one that is not on my account? What?

Anyway, they told me that my account had the country set to “France Metropolitain” even thouh i am residing in “France”. Again, what? Isn’t metropolitain mainland france, and therefore the country is correctly set? Support then asked me to confirm i live in France by showing them evidence of my adress on an official paper with my name on it (electric bill, etc..). I live with my parents. Support then told me that since my parents share the same surname as me, its fine. My parents do not share my surname (it’s complicated). Support told me they could not do anything for me and closed the ticked.

Tl;dr: i cant buy anything in game because of a bug and blizzard cant do anything about it and i am confused as to why.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Does anyone know what actually causes it? Is france metropolitan really different from france, and that really is the problem?


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