Prestiges: what would you change?

Content of the article: "Prestiges: what would you change?"

After having the chance to play all prestiges I sometimes like to think how I would make them more viable or at least more fun…what about you? Arguably some prestiges might need nerfs but here I'm focusing only on buffs…here are some changes I though of:

Raynor P1: –
Raynor P2: Remove Factory/Armory/Orbital tech requirements + Buff units under Ignite Afterburners effect (e.g. make Siege Tanks hit air/make Vultures tankier)
Raynor P3: –

Kerrigan P1: Give creep tumors the Stettmann P1 treatment maybe?
Kerrigan P2: –
Kerrigan P3: –

Artanis P1: –
Artanis P2: Remove Project Power Field cost if it warps no units
Artanis P3: Make Unbound Fanatics projectiles autotarget enemies or at least remove the cost increase, losing Guardian Shell is already massive!

Swann P1: –
Swann P2: Make it like Karax P1 where turrets get built instantly. It's already there for Raynor Supply Depots!
Swann P3: Make Hercules capacity 200 supply

Zagara P1: –
Zagara P2: –
Zagara P3: Increase the buff of mass Frenzy or buff the Roaches

Vorazun P1: –
Vorazun P2: Remove the damage reduction against buildings…Dead of Night with this prestige is awful.
Vorazun P3: Increase Time Stop duration? Maybe too strong…

Karax P1: –
Karax P2: –
Karax P3: –

Abathur P1: Raise maximum biomass to 200, but even then I'm not sure this would make it viable…
Abathur P2: –
Abathur P3: 200 biomass for ultimate evos is definitely too much, maybe lower it to 125/150? Or make it scale from 100 according to how ultimate evos you have?

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Alarak P1: –
Alarak P2: –
Alarak P3: –

Nova P1: –
Nova P2: Sometime ago I wrote that this should shoot a nuke when landing with Tactical Airlift…jokes aside I don't know how I would make this better without changing it completely.
Nova P3: Little QoL buff but if you could detonate Sabotage Drone earlier that would actually help a lot

Stukov P1: –
Stukov P2: I feel like so much could be done with this one…one thing is making Banshees autopick up infested when they go over them, another one is to turn Infested Civilians inside a banshee to Volatile Infested…it definitely has a lot of room for improvements without making it broken.
Stukov P3: –

Fenix P1: –
Fenix P2: –
Fenix P3: Make Champion AIs ignore collision. Simple fix yet so effective!

Dehaka P1: I'd revert the 0 armor, the other disadvantages seem fair enough already.
Dehaka P2: –
Dehaka P3: Similar issues to Abathur P3 where the essence is just not enough on most maps. Maybe reduce essence drops by 25-50% but make it shared between the Dehakas?

H&H P1: –
H&H P2: Maybe give it one more Galleon but it's not too bad already as long as you don't throw your Reapers away
H&H P3: Make platforms hit air too, or reduce the cost increase, or both! That would be fun

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Tychus P1: –
Tychus P2: –
Tychus P3: –

Zeratul P1: –
Zeratul P2: –
Zeratul P3: –

Stettmann P1: –
Stettmann P2: –
Stettmann P3: Make The Best Oil a permanent buff instead of a temporary one. Ultras ftw!

Mengsk P1: It'd be nice if Contaminated Strike had no delay or if the Bombardment range was to be increased but this already is pretty beast.
Mengsk P2: –
Mengsk P3: –


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