PvZ 19drone ling flood response analysis

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I’d like to start out by saying the next Protoss to lose to this Zerg build on Everdream at GSL is a clown. It’s happened 3 times in a row, and 100% should be planned for every time a ZvP is on Everdream from now until the map is taken out of rotation.


Trap vs Solar

Stats vs Rogue

Creator vs Dark

After confirming the standard pool timing, the 1st adept should always be immediately sent across the map. In the event of a 19 pool flood, if lings are rallied directly across the map your adept will spot them and can return. If they’re not rallied directly across the map, your second adept will finish in time to fill the wall, so you can safely scout. In addition, what you look for is important. As demonstrated by Dark, you can’t just check the 2nd base for drones. Checking the gas is the easiest tell, because in all 3 cases, none of the Zergs continued to mine gas after starting speed.

Trap moved out his 2nd adept with almost no information on what the Zerg was doing. Stats sat his adept in between 2 bases without gathering information, probably in an attempt to catch migrating drones. However, he failed to notice that no drones were migrating and moved out his 2nd adept. Creator respects his lack of information and stays at home, covering the wall, and gets the chance to defend.

Robo vs Stargate openers?

Robo is a lot more vulnerable. Just for starters, 300/200 is sunk into buildings that aren’t going to do anything for you until the flood is held. To make yourself safer, I recommend starting your 2nd gate slightly earlier by delaying probes.

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Oracle/VoidRay pops as early as 3:37 without chronos, assuming you start your stargate at 2:17 like Stats did. Even one air unit will be a massive help against the lings. Definitely safer than robo.

Creator did nothing wrong besides pick robo and he still lost???

Creator made multiple small mistakes, and small mistakes add up quickly in the early game.

  1. As he’s reinforcing his wall he doesn’t build additional gates. He can afford to build an additional gate as he builds his 2 batteries, but doesn’t build it until 10 seconds later.
  2. He chronos the warp gate upgrade and loses it anyways, wasting a chrono.
  3. A gate finishes at 3:30 but he doesn’t build out of it until 3:40
  4. Another gate finishes at 3:56, and instead of building a Zealot he starts 2 probes and an immortal. You could also argue that prism juggling could be more useful than an immortal.
  5. Creator gets enough resources to build out of said gate at 4:00, but doesn’t start it until 4:08, while STILL double producing probes
  6. At 4:14 a part of the wall is lost. It should have been fortified before it opened. Probably the game ending mistake.
  7. During the mayhem with the new hole, the adept holding the wall is lost and the lings kill all the gateway units, effectively sealing the game.

Additional Opinions:

I think it's time for the 3 DT opener to rest. How long has it been since it did substantially more damage than a stargate opener, or a game was won with it in GSL?

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Creator played well in Group B, and I'm looking forward to seeing him next season.

Dark moving drones from his 1st to his expansion at the third was really cool and clever.


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