Raven’s ECM to allow themselves for TvP and TvZ late-game?

I just had some fun discussions about the Ravens. We talked about something like Raven is only good in TvT, has some time to shine in TvP before getting countered by Feedback, and little to be a creep-tumor clearing job in TvZ. And one thing in mind about this is that Ravens are easily targeted by everything after passing mid-game or late-game.

With all that mentioned above, I'm thinking of something that can open a raven option in late-game, while not changing mid-game interactions. Something like a passive ability to improve their role in late-game.

Electronic Countermeasure

– Researched by Tech lab (with Starport)

– Prerequisites: Fusion Core

– Costs: 75/75

– Research time: 57 seconds

Grants Electronic Countermeasure as a passive ability to Ravens, which make them unable to be targeted by any single-target spells.

This isn't a balance whining, but more like an experimental idea that I want to see of how much of the effect from this. This ECM will prevent Ravens to be targeted by most of the single-target spells. The examples of the spells that can't target Ravens is High Templar's Feedback, Infestor's Neural Parasite, Viper's Abduct and Parasitic Bomb. The upgrade is cheap due to the limited options of prevention, and still be affected by the aoe spells.

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Normally, this ability would prevent so many Terran units from targeting the ravens, including the ravens themselves. However, this also comes to mind with a counterbalance to prevent this ability from ruining TvT matchup. Widow Mine's Sentinel Missiles, Cyclone's Lock-on, Battlecruiser's Yamato Cannon, Raven's Anti-Armor Missile and Interference Matrix can't be prevented (which solely affects the interaction to Ravens, not the other 2 matchups). All the changes here just to not make Ravens too dominating in TvT.

What would happen if this came true? Would it change interactions in the late-game of TvP and TvZ? Or it would do nothing?


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