Replaying the story of SC1 and Brood War reminds me how BW makes no sense at all

SC1 for the most part does not really have any major issues in terms of story. The only issue is Mengsk killing off his most loyal and competent pawn for simply questioning him. Despite her complete trust in him and thus pissing off Raynor who is also quite useful. Despite that idiotic plot point its fine

BW is where the series starts to go down hill. First of all the Protoss just won back Aiur and killed the Overmind and then run away. So there are a couple of issues from the get go

Their goal was never to just kill the Overmind, but to save Aiur. The Overmind was simply the key in doing so. The Protoss were still largely intact in there. You have trials and entire factions who still have political and military power there (the conclave). They seemed to have a strong foothold and had more than enough forces to fight off both themselves and the zerg.

Zeratul, Tassadar and Raynor then proceed to destroy the Overmind without the conclave's help to save Aiur and not only that they killed off the cerebrates there.

Then out of nowhere they must evacuate and all the protoss, because their power base is somehow completely destroyed and escape to Shakuras, despite the zerg focusing on defending the Overmind by threats outside of the main Protoss forces

Later on they ally themselves with Kerrigan, because somehow conveniently Kerrigan and cerebrates were already in Shakuras and not only that but the cerebrates started merging to become a new Overmind

Again this makes no sense. How did Kerrigan know about Shakuras? Last time we saw her she was on Char after being outsmarted by Tassadar and Zeratul. Even if we assume the cerebrates acquired the location from Zeratul after he killed a cerebrate, she is not linked to them, so they have to have told her that. OK assuming that they did for some reason, how would she be able to dominate the mind of the Matriarch? We never got an explanation and nothing like this ever happened

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So Kerrigan can manipulate minds and create pawns now? If that's the case why not do the same for all the other people she manipulated and lied to? Is there a parasite or something? These things need to be explained, because this is so random and cryptic

Back to the new Overmind in Shakuras, how the heck the cerebrates get there? Were they from Aiur? Didn't Zeratul just kill them all in there? Did Kerrigan bring them over and had a change of plan once she got free? Who knows, the game never tells you anything.

Then the Dark Templars simply accept you with open arms just because Zeratul says so… When in reality most if not all of them should be like Ulrezaj and his followers from the Enslaver campaigns

Despite that at one point they have the opportunity to attack the baby Overmind… and they have Dark Templars and yet they cannot kill it permanently for some reason, despite them being the ones able to and it is not even fully developed yet

At one point Aldaris somehow learns that Kerrigan has magic manipulation powers and controls the matriarch and instead of warning his new friends he openly starts attacking and mocking them. He gets assassinated by Kerrigan as he said that Kerrigan has been manipulating… and they let her go instead of imprisoning her while she is out in the open… Fantastic and this is only the Protoss Campaign

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The Terran one is even worse

First of all you introduce a new Terran faction that makes both the Zerg and Protoss who are supposed to be ancient powerful races complete chumps. UED expeditionary force alone was able to not only subjugate the Zerg, but also beat the Terran Dominion and was a legitimate threat to the Protoss as well. This kinda destroyed the idea of humans getting stuck in the middle of a intergalactic war between godly alien descendants (which was already mentioned in SC1 btw) and made it so that UED is the ultimate power SC excluding the literal gods.

The story of the campaign itself is the worst in BW, because the leader of the expeditionary forces is a complete moron and a joke of a leader.

They find a device that will literally assure their victory over the Zerg and he decides to destroy it. When he found out that his most loyal friend and ally kept it, he went ahead and killed him and then he felt bad and kept it anyway. The way it was handled was also laughably bad. He decides to trust a traitor in his eyes that he never supposedly should trust because he hates traitors, but apparently Duran is a charmer so he chose to kill his friend because reasons. The plot holes for protoss are less obvious, but this is as if it was written by a child

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The Zerg one is the best of the bunch. It does not have plot holes, at least none that I can think of. It perfectly sets up the Zerg to be an actual threat and main bad guys in the future with a Vilnian that is both cunning and badass.

Best part is that SC2 series almost entirely ignores Brood War and only references it. SC2 seems to make more sense if you have never played BW before, because all it does is contradict everything it does. UED is as if it never existed. Protoss are all completely fine and with once again massive armies and fleets. Kerrigan is not a complete evil manipulative bitch that is redeemable

BW and SC2 series made sure that Starcraft lore is just one big incoherent mess, that makes no sense what so ever


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