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Disclaimer: This is just a boring post about my recent experience in gaming, and I just really wanna express my love for Starcraft.

So I’ve been serving National Service, which for those who don’t know is basically 2 years of army life to prepare a reserve army in case of wartime. Anyways, army life for an ordinary dude is pretty shitty, and there’s nothing quite like spending weekend leave gaming and de-stressing.

Except my weekend leave was exactly opposite of that. I play tons of Dota, and losing 70% of games to bad teammates just affected my mood and emotional health, pushed me to play even more to try and earn back lost MMR and climb ladder. It was seriously frustrating though, because nearly every game felt like I had to fight with one hand behind my back in the form of bad teammates. I’m not saying they were the cause of every loss, some games were legitmately lost by my own folly, but it just triggered me when I felt like I had to play perfect to make up for inadequate allies. It was a really unhealthy gaming experience is what I’m getting at.

So I decided why not just hop on back to 1v1 Starcraft

And it feels GOOD to be the master of your own fate. Every loss just feels bitter sweet because you learned something, gained more experience and just get better and better regardless. The game’s balance is good (I mean not perfect but it’s honestly pretty good), the significant challenge yields the most awesome feeling of satisfaction when you see that victory screen, and the game’s depth and high skill cap just leaves you thinking, and thinking, and thinking about your next move.

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In Starcraft, there’s always SOMETHING to work to be better at, and there’s a little bit of something for your mood everytime. Feel like you just wanna chill and watch things blow up? Co-op. Want to get a little kick of a challenge? Brutation. Feeling up for something a little unique and cool? Arcade. The campaigns are pretty fun too, with a nice detachment for the standard competitive Starcraft to explore some little progression systems and SICK cinematics to watch.

And holy shit I love it when my hands just fly across the keyboard. When your APM starts ramping up, you just feel like the fastest thing alive. When the game gets more and more intense, you’ve got that adrenaline rush that’ll pump through your system. Plus, there are just so many (somewhat?) viable strategies you can use, with room for a little personal flair to the gameplay. Every bit of Starcraft is a breath of fresh air that yields some very important peace that’s becoming increasingly scarce in today’s strange times. A real pleasure compared to the stressful team games that have so much more juggling to do, and where your fate is not in your own hands.

Starcraft is just awesome, what else is there to say?


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