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TLDR: I have a StarCraft 2 Arcade map that I’m hoping to get some patient playtesters to try out. I’m running a tournament in August to offer some incentive to do so ($70 first place, top 3 get money).

EDIT – to find the game in the arcade, search "SCRAP – Scavenge" in any region

I go by wayward online, and I’ve spent the past couple of years noodling around with a full conversion RTS Arcade map that I call SCRAP (Scavenge, Collect, Reclaim, Attack, Prevail) – one of my twitter friends came up with the acronym.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I teamed up with an awesome group of people and we were going to run a tournament for the mod. That all fell apart (mostly, let’s be clear, due to me) but things have come a long way since then and I’m feeling a lot more confident about everything, but I’ve had a really difficult time attracting playtesters.

First off, what is SCRAP?

It’s a 1v1 RTS with custom rules, systems, and factions. At a high level, it has stuff you might recognize from other games like Supreme Commander, Company of Heroes, and WarCraft 3 just to name a few.

the SCRAP Map, current version

First off, there are 7 pre-defined base locations on the map. Bases in SCRAP are kind of similar to Power nodes from Dawn of War 2, or similar to bases from Halo Wars: you capture it (in this case by putting a command center on it) and then you can build structures on the attach points.

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Owning those bases has a number of effects. First off, there’s the access to build slots. Each player needs about 6 build slots to get access to all their tech, so you need to own at least 2 bases in order to unlock all of your units and abilities.

Additionally, base command centers act like Moonwells, recharging unit energy. Units in SCRAP use Energy for abilities, but many also use it for ammo for their weapons, performing worse or being unable to attack when out of Energy, and they don’t generate it themselves. So, bases are pretty important.

Also, if you own more bases than your opponent, they start losing Victory Points (called Data in the game). Whoever hits 0 VPS first loses. It’s kind of an edge case win condition: most matches end with the ‘kill your opponent’ win condition, but it definitely encourages people to get a move on and not play passively.

SCRAP is pretty tactical: most things, even economic units, can have combat utility. I also tried to create systems where players can do little things to get a leg up on their opponent: there’s lots of little ways to put your opponent off their game or to be slightly better in combat. I think the feel I was going for was kind of… WarCraft 3 meets Red Alert 3? If I can be that bold to make the comparison.

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(link to commentary on a match:


The Limitations, and the Incentive

Sorry if I took a minute to toot my own horn a bit. I’d like to think I created something that’s pretty fun to play. But that brings us to the current state of the game.

It’s definitely still being worked on. There are bugs and balance issues. I have a tutorial and tips system in the works but I’m still feeling all that out since I’ve not built those things before. But I do think it’s complete enough that people can play it and have fun, if they have the patience to learn the systems vs the AI (really just waves of spawned units that try to take bases).

To that end, I have started trying to produce some commentated replays of the better games so I can show how the current testers are interacting with it (examples below)

I'm trying to add more videos as we play matches. They’re definitely… a bit rough, like the game itself (I’m VERY rusty when it comes to commentary, sorry!) but I think they aren’t a TERRIBLE introduction to the game’s core concepts even if they’re not great videos.

And lastly:, I am formally announcing a SCRAP Tournament. Starting in August 2020, the SCRAP Tournament will have a $110 USD prize pool ($70 to first place, $30 to second place and $10 to 3rd place winner). In the SCRAP Tournament, players will play best-of-3 matches in a double-elimination format. Quite frankly, I want to get players and I'm hoping that offering prize money is a good way to get people to get into the mod and give it a chance.

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If you're interested in trying SCRAP out (I should point out that in addition to competitive 1v1, SCRAP contains 2-player co-op against an AI opponent, as well as solo play vs AI) or participating in the tournament, please join the Wayward Strategy Discord here:

Some concept art and gameplay screenshots:

the Concussor unit from the Dendrites faction

the Foreman unit from the Fabricator faction


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