Situation with Soulkey and debt summary; Situation behind Nonparticipation of ASL

Why he isn't participating in ASL His notepad summary:

  • if I do ASL I won't be able to stream as much and will be unable to stream on saturday/sunday.
  • My chance to win is 1% and right now I am unable to maintain my form to full fitness since I am not able to practice as much
  • so if I get to RO8, which is best I can hope, it will be prize money of $2000
  • But while I do my ASL run to RO8, I won't be able to do major proleague (big sponsor matches with big names)
  • I have to skip 8 days of major proleague, and winning just 2 of 8 will get me the prize money by itself.
  • I would participate if I had 50% chance of winning ASL but right now, there's no meaning to honor if I have no money
  • I need money in order to go for honors (trophies) as well.

Story behind Soulkey's situation summed up

  • -a car dealer offered to lease car under condition the streamers let them banner sponsor his dealership (Soulkey/ggaemo/zeus/ect other big streamers)
  • -bunch of streamers got very, VERY good deal on car lease
  • -turns out car dealer was a scammer who was using forged streamer signatures and documents to buy expensive foreign cars (BMW/porsche/ect) and leasing them, ponzi scheme in a way
  • -leasing becomes unsustainable, scammer sells off the cars overseas
  • -scammer demanded payback for the payment for the cars
  • -what streamers thought was just 1 car was in fact tens of cars
  • -scammer goes to jail and cannot pay money back (probably on some overseas bank account)
  • -the responsibility of payment goes to document signers (forged or not)
  • -streamers cannot do anything further under korean law, must pay back money
  • -soulkey in huge debt numbering $300-400k+ (guesstimate from zeus)
  • -soulkey exempt from full-time army service in order to work to pay back debt
  • -soulkey's priority is money to payback debt he was scammed
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