[StarCastTV] ASL11 Ro16 Draw day translation and key points

Group A.

As people expected, Zero chose Mong without thinking too much.

Group B

Before making the first choice, Soma asked four gamers (Shuttle, Snow, Sharp, JYJ) if they would like to join his group.
Shuttle, Snow, and Sharp told me not to choose them, but JYJ said they wanted them to choose.

JYJ told Soma that he lost a 2:7 in the Ultimate Battle Event a few days ago, and he wants to take revenge on him.

Soma told JYJ, "I thought I made JYJ feel the wall on UBE, but JYJ doesn't seem to have been realized yet" and chose JYJ.

Group C

Larva and Soma are rivals (just like Zero and Soulkey)
But Bisu told Larva, "I think Soma is a more powerful gamer than Larva."

Larva listened to Bisu and chose Bisu

Group D

Rush wanted a TvT group.
And Rush tried to choose Sharp or Sorry except for Light.
And Rush wanted Sharp or Sorry to choose Terran or Zerg.
But Sharp said he would choose Protoss, and Sorry also said it would not serve Rush.
Then Rush asked Hero and Effort if you were willing to pick Terran if I chose either.
Then Hero said he would listen to Rush's request, and Effort said he would choose Protoss.

Even Light also offered to choose Terran if Rush chooses himself.
Rush was feeling confused and feeling that his plans weren't going as he intended.

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Rush chose Sorry after contemplation.

Sorry said he was already expecting Rush to choose himself, and Sorry said he had already been intensively practicing TvT for a week.

And Sorry chose Hero, Sorry said
"I was thinking about which to choose between Effort and Hero, but Effort is from the winner, and he was full of confidence. So I will choose Hero."

Group C#2

Larva wanted Bisu to choose Shuttle, but Bisu didn't respond to Larva's request and asked if anyone would like to be part of he's group.
Light then said that he wanted to be part of Group C and that there was still revenge for Bisu and Larva.
But Bisu chose Effrot.
Then Effrot told Bisu to be prepared, and Bisu said that he chose Effrot because he was more confident in PvZ.

Group B#2

JYJ said that Soma would choose the gamer he wanted because Soma had listened to he's offer
and wanted Mini and Best to be in Group B, and Snow, Sharp, and Shuttle asked Soma not to choose them.

But when Larva tried to choose in Group C, Shuttle told Larva not to choose me, and Larva said to Shuttle, "Then, who is stronger, Soma and me?".
So, shuttle answered Larva's question,
"of course, saying that Larva is a more powerful gamer and Soma is just an amateur gamer"
Soma listened to Shuttle and remembered what he said, and chose Shuttle.

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Group A#2,3

Mong told Zero to choose the gamer you want, and Zero chose Sharp without worrying too much.

And Sharp chose the Mini without thinking too much

Group B#3

Shuttle said he would create a hell group because he was convinced that Zero would choose himself as the winner's option, and he chose Best.

And Shuttle said he chose Best because he chose the best among Snow, Light, and Best, in case Zero did not choose him. lol

Group C#3

Effort said he would choose Snow. But Snow has been on the same pro team as Effort for a long time, and he says he's really friendly so Snow doesn't want Effort to choose Snow. However, Effort chose Snow, and saying Snow would understand Effort's choice because Snow had been close to Effort for a long time.

Group D#4

Light joins Group D with no options.

Zero's winner's choice

Shuttle asked Zero to choose him last season, and offered him to advance to Ro.8 with him.
However, Zero included Shuttle in the Hell group by using the winner's right in the final choice, and Shuttle begged him to choose himself this season.
Zero did satisfy Shuttle's demands, but by using the winner's option, he sent Sharp to another group and completed a Shuttle vs Mini matchup, ruining plans to advance to the Ro.8 by winning Shuttle's desired 2 Terran matchup. .
(Shuttle doesn't like PvP with Mini)

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Key point

Flash is on the verge of military enlistment, and Rush, Light and Sorry are the top candidates for the best Terran players to after Flash.
Many Korean fans believe that the results of Group D will soon be the match that will determine the best Terran players.


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