(StarCraft 2 Arcade Map) Playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds in StarCraft 2

Welcome to SC Tavern Battle! StarCraft 2 Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Map made by Armeria

The most popular arcade map from Chinese server is now available in every server! Welcome to SC Tavern Battle, the ultimate StarCraft 2 version auto-chess game that introduces a fun, strategic, 8-player experience just like Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

The basic mechanics in SC Tavern Battle are similar to Hearthstone Battlegrounds', you will craft a powerful board of recruited Minions through Minerals, use Vespene Gas to strengthen them, and be the last man standing in a 20–30-minute game.

SC Tavern Battle contains units from Campaign and Versus – Unit types include not only the familiar Protoss, Terran and Zerg, but also neutral minions (Amon's forces). When you recruit minions of the same race, it is easier to form a combination to increase your combat power faster. And of course, mixing minions of different races is always welcome!

How to play SC Tavern Battle?

SC Tavern Battle can be found in Custom – Arcade, and there are two different modes.

In Standard mode, you directly control your recruited army to fight in each round with micro or just A move. Auto mode means you will hand over control of your forces to AI, which allows you to only concentrate on Tavern Time.

SC Tavern Battle contain 24 different heroes in Carbot image. You will pick one of three random heroes to represent before the game starts, each hero has its own unique skill that changes your game experience every time.

Tavern Time

In SC Tavern Battle, players cannot arrange position of your minions as there are many effects are closely related to the position of the minions. ONLY few minions with Deploy ability can be freely positioned. Therefore, you need to plan entry order well in advance. When you buy minions or enter a card from restore zone, they will automatically be placed in the leftmost empty space on the ground.

Battle Time

Defeat your opponent with your recruited troops….. or to be defeated within 90 seconds

More unique designs


– Rapid Production:

This ability can be triggered when using certain hero skills or card effects to switch between reactor and tech lab


– Pylon and Field Intensity:

Each pylon provides 1 Field Intensity energy to itself and to adjacent ground. Reaching certain Field Intensity energy value is the trigger condition for most Protoss minions to increase their combat power.

– Warp in

Add units to random Protoss Minions on the field

– Recall(X)

This ability can be triggered at the end of the turn if Field Intensity energy reaches X


– Hatch

Add units to adjacent zerg minions

Instruction translated by Mage


In-game screenshots


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