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This is an updated version of this earlier post compiling various resources for Starcraft players. I've improved by adding new useful links and organizing the links a bit further.

I will be posting updated versions of this post in the future as I deem necessary.

Any suggestions for improvements and further additions to this post are welcome.


All races/general purpose

Day9 Daily #360 Mental Checklist Exercises

– check the top comment for time stamps

Winter's Learn to Play Starcraft

Lowko's Guides and tutorials

Redgunnerguy's Introductory guides to Starcraft II

ESChamp resource spotlight series

Mindset and mentality



HolyHit's Guides

Harstem's Build Order Guides

Gemini's Walling Guides

Gemini's Build Of The Week Archive

Pezzaperry's Cannon Rush Defense Guide

zuka Ingame – Protoss Tutorials/Guides/BOs (EN/FR)


uThermal's Terran Guides and lessons


Railgan – Filthy Zerg Build Orders

Other resources


Liquipedia – StarCraft II en­cy­clo­pe­dia – Streams, community news, event calendar and much more – Replay upload, improvement tracking and more

Zephyrus – Replay analysis

scelight – Replay management and analysis

Read:  Tournaments/events on the 31st of July (including one YOU can participate in!)

sc2minimaptrainer – Minimap eye trainer – Simple replay upload

Spawningtool – Build orders for all races and all purposes

Starcraft II Hotkey Editor – Co-Op hotkey editor and hotkey conflict finder – For finding information on players

General Discussion – Blizzard – Game discussion place

randkedFTW – Ladder rankings and stats

burnysc2 – mmr ranges

u/13loodySword's guide to supporting the scene


allthingsprotoss Everything Protoss

Terran – Terran build orders, explainers and analysis

allthingsterran – Everything Terran


allthingszerg – Everything Zerg – Zerg build orders, explainers and analysis

Co-op Resources

Aommaster's Map Tips

Aommaster's Weekly Mutations – Brutal + analysis, mutator analysis, mutator safety zone maps and more – Guides, tutorials and more


Hopefully this post is helpful to you guys. Gl and hf out there 🙂

This list would not be the same without extra contributions from the following people: /u/TheCannibalSheep, /u/kelvSYC /u/oZe, /u/ApeironGaming, /u/eviltyph

And of course, thanks to all of the content creators and community members that have produced all these resources. Your work is invaluable and vital.

Many, many thanks to each of you 🙂


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