Starcraft War Chest Skin Reviews! Protoss Units! What do you think of them?

Content of the article: "Starcraft War Chest Skin Reviews! Protoss Units! What do you think of them?"

Alright, time for the second set of skins I'm going to review. I will provide a link to my Terran review if you missed that as well but alright, onto the Protoss units.

The Purifiers: Mecha Protoss! The entire set of units goes for a very clean and sleek white asethetic. All of the units have in someway been streamlined or turned into a far more robotic frame. It is exetrmely consistent in theme and colour tone, which is really nice. Although, most infantry units did get bulker to fit the whole theme of robots. This set does go for some more bold design changes, for example the Zealot is still reconizable as a Zealot but does have more adjusted then say the Adept, as the Zealot has additional Psi Blades in the arms and a very romenesk headpiece. Somewhat breaking from the trend of the skins sleak units is the High Templar, Archon and Dark Templar, which are a little more bulked up and big compared to their normal counterparts. Also, the Dark Templar has one spawnable skin and not two like the base Protoss. These guys are my personal favoriate of the Protoss Skins and hold the same sci fi aesthtic the Umjoans were attempting (to which I am starting to warm up a bit more to).

The Ihan-RII: These guys are exetrmely popular and its easy to see why. Protoss who use living stone as armour and tools is silly and absolutely cool. They lack the sleek robotics of the Purifiers nor do the possess the brutality of the Tal-darim, the Ihan-RII are very plain looking, like a stone. The colors are dark and kinda dull looking but that seems to be intentional and just the way the skins flow and look is what makes them. The player colors and the use of a greenish crystal that helps to offset the darker colors and it does work really well.The Immortal is the most radical design change of the facton but it does look very cool, as it sorta levitates above its legs is a very sweet design change. The Dark Templar has a spear instead of an arm blade or sythe. By comparsion, the Zealot and Carrier look very familiar with some dark colors. Again, the poor Dark Templar lost its brother spawn skin. Although, this skinset does have some questionable lore revelations and quite consistent conflicts with unit lore… So well done there Blizzard.

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The Forged/Tal-darim: The brutal faction that looks very spikey. They make use of blacks and incredibly sharp angels that if you poke it you will start bleeding to death. Its very much like blades have been stuck on the ends of things, it does look quite cool and is consistent in both theme and aesthetic. Much like the Terran Special Forces the near pure black is offset well by the player colors whether that be Blue or Red, but does look better in Red. Its a very warrior like skinset and that is best reflected in the Carrier, Orcale and Immortal plus they are nice and spikey. Yet again, the poor Dark Templar doesn't have his arm blade brother deploying alongside him. Yet, the Scythe of the Forged DT is big and they possess a tattered cloak. Fun Fact, also the only protoss skins to have a unique mothership core, which had a very prominite point to the floating armor plates. Unforunately, being the first protoss skins they have been somewhat left in the dust by the Purifiers, the Golden Age and the Ihan-RII but they do still look decent. They are just an okay skinset.

The Golden Age: This might be the hardest of the reviews. This is to say interesting! Its very much just shiny, gold and purple Protoss. It can be absolutely stunning and down right ugly based on map lighting or at least from my experience with the skins… This skinset is split between the Khalai and the Nerazim. Starting with the Khalai the most numerous, they are very shiny gold. Love of gold! Its kind of a dull gold that works on some maps and not on others. The Disruptor is a prime example, it is virtually pure gold. The Void Ray being the prime example of the Nerazim asthetic of a very shiny purple. The Warp Prisom mxing both into one with a Gold Frame and Purple energy flows. Yet, this skinset is also the safest and most familiar and I think that is kinda determental to it. I think with some greater variation in the units designs, it would have made the Gold and Purple pop a bit more. Otherwise, it is still good but does suffer on certain maps. lastly and once again, the poor Dark Templar doesn't have a second spawnable skin.

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And that is the Protoss done, I was more positive about their skins then I was my main race the Terrans. Although, what do you guys think? Am I just flat out wrong? Have I poked fun at your favoriate skinset? Do you agree with me? Let me know, I'd love to have a discussion about these skins.


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