Starcraft War Chest Skin Reviews! Terran Units! What do you all think of them?

Content of the article: "Starcraft War Chest Skin Reviews! Terran Units! What do you all think of them?"

I want to spur some discussion and talking on this subreddit, and I decided one of the best and more unique ways is to do this is through reviewing the skins of the war chests we have seen so far. Plus, I'm really bored being stuck in lockdown and at home and I can only do so much to keep myself entertained. If this is relevant and gains enough traction I will review the others. I'll try to keep this as short and simple as possible but this is gonna be a long post.

Dominion Special Forces: These ones are my personal favorite. The black and team color along with the familiar but sleeker designs is very nice. A nice mix of familiar and updated skins such as the more standard looking Marine with the Marauder. The skin set performs mostly basic updates to the base units adding a few extra armor plates, painting them black, and having a mix of campaign mercenary designs and more standard units. It's also one of the most consistent schemes and has quite high-resolution details. Otherwise, they are quite basic and very stereotypical sci-fi special forces. The dark color creates units that are fairly intimidating and the up armoring of almost all of the units adds to flare. (These are my personal favorite and I use them the most!)

Knights of Tyrador: Easily the most popular skins on the ladder for Terran and its pretty easy to see why. The fairly basic unit designs coated in chrome and are nice and shiny along with the high-resolution detail of the models is wonderful and easy to spot. The marine even has a more accurate rifle to the lore than the standard one. A pure gameplay benefit is the lack of "major" shifts in the designs, excluding the thor, banshee, reaper, and maybe the battlecruisers but all could be debated. The remaining units are very similar to their original counterparts, making them easy to identify in-game. I also find that adds to the charm and lore of the units, they were once simple and boring and have been given a great expensive overall to the colors and materials of the units. The blend of the team color into the skins add a nice level of flair and color to offset the chrome.

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Mira's Marauders: Thematically, Mira Marauders is very consistent in what has changed with the units. The units are ugly and brutal and that's their charm. Spikes, rusted metal, random bits of industrial equipment attached for good measure. It looks cobbled together, random, and very brutal-looking. Simple ideas and aesthetics create great consistency. They look utterly insane, they shouldn't work but somehow creates something that some enjoy.

The Umojan Protectorate: You remember seeing the Umojan Marines in the Heart of the Swarm cinematic and imaging what other Umojan units would look like? Yeah, this is what we got… The Umojan's have easily the weakest and most inconsistent skin set of the Terran factions. The high tech Terran Faction turned out to be very bland! I'll start positive, the Marine, Thor, Siege Tank, Banshee, and the Battlecruiser are easily the best-looking units of the army. Enough was updated on them to make the high tech and futuristic looking by Terran standards. The clean white of the Marine, Thor, and Banshee, and Cyclone are beautiful looking makes you wish the rest of the skins had followed it. Yet, now we are onto the bad! The SCV for example is simplistic, not a bad idea but its primarily teamed colored unit is in stark contrast to the other units. Furthermore, the strange choice to have some units a very light grey and others pure white makes the army look inconsistent for example the Viking vs the Banshee, one looks high tech and the other looks like mostly like a lighter grey Viking. Then theirs the Ghost or the Shadowguard as they are known in lore, it had the potential the be the best but it ended up having the lowest resolution wireframe icon and overall isn't very good looking with plenty of detail just lacking. Sadly, the Umojan's are the weakest but had possibly the most potential and creative freedoms for them. (Although, I still hold them in a special place as I love their lore and do use them on the ladder but I just think they are the weakest and most inconsistent skin set.)

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Alright, that's my rambling done! What do you all think? Do you disagree with my assessments or do you think I'm on the right track? What do you think of the Terran Skins? Let me know, lets start a discussion! What skins would you like to see in the future for Terran? Personally, I want a Raynor's Raiders and a United Earth Directorate skin set for the war chest. Would you like me to toss around my opinions on the Zerg and Protoss?


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