Starcraft2 remastered? Pls change the campaigns

Content of the article: "Starcraft2 remastered? Pls change the campaigns"

After finishing all 3 campaigns I just hate how bs and bland the stories are, it’s just so much worse then bw WOL. Theres literally millions of ways that Tychus could’ve told raynor he was manipulated by mengsk, let’s say the suit has a sound recording device, tychus couldve simply WROTE down some thing like, “mengsk is here”, or “I’m the devils puppet” some shit like that, I mean it would add a pretty nice twist to the storyline since we already know from the trailer that tychus is a spy, they could even set up booby traps and lure mengsk in there.

HOTS. In this campaign i feel like mengsk is doing a whole lot of nothing, like, I’m pretty sure the bulk of mengsks forces is untouched, like Kerrigan destroyed some planets in the evolution mission, and skygierr station plus some broodmother infesting some Terran worlds in order to rejoin the swarm. Ok, let’s say 12 planets are lost with just Korhal left, and the hybrid army is no more, but in all of the missions, I don’t see a single battle cruiser destroyed, but let’s assume 75% of the terran fleet is destroyed during the process of Kerrigan reclaiming the swarm, but theres still quit a space fleet left, I know Kerrigan told the brood mothers to form a blockade to hold the terran fleet trying to head to korhal but they all have tactical jump, why can’t they just jump to korhal? And ok they can’t jump that far, why didn’t mengsk pull the fleet back before Kerrigans army showed up at his doorstep? Also the kaldir mission is pure bs like a highly advanced alien species can’t figure out how to keep themselves warm like wtf, they could’ve said there’s 3 heat generators covering the Protoss bases and Kerrigan has to destroy that, and the warp conduit mission literally blew my mind, it’s so fucking dumb holy shit, u have to send a ship across a portal to talk to other Protoss. Really? Just be like, this high templar is trying to communicate with the armada psionicly and Kerrigan has to destroy the Protoss base and kill the ht before a certain time. But overall the Protoss feels dumb and the terrans just feels too passive.

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LOTV. Pretty good but lacking sophistication, a 4 year old would’ve understood the storyline.

Y’all disagree with me I know, if u have any ideas feel free to comment. I was kinda drunk doing this I feel like I typed a lotta things twice sorry.


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