Starsense is back from Hibernation: Predict the outcome of Starcraft tournaments

Content of the article: "Starsense is back from Hibernation: Predict the outcome of Starcraft tournaments"

Hello guys, lets say the important part first: Starsense is back after ~4 years of Hibernation and you can get it here for Android!

The older subscribers to this subreddit may remember me maybe. Back then I made a free Android app with Toby for predicting the outcome of Starcraft tournaments. I already reconnected with some of you on Twitter and it feels good to be back 🙂

Lately I got a lot of extra time on my hands because of the Coronavirus and so I decided to bring the app back not only for me but to also keep some of you busy. It took me like two days to get all back running and currently you can predict:

  • ASl Season #10 3th Player Match (Flash playing Random still amazes me to no end!)
  • ASL Season #10 Finals

I'm currently looking to add new tournaments but haven't decided on any yet. Feel free to propose tournaments you would like to see.

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So you haven't heard about it yet you probably wonder what you can do with the app. Here is a quick list:

  • Predict the outcome of events including various group-stages and playoffs.
  • Gain experience points by making correct predictions which translate to rank titles that can be compared with other users on the leaderboards
  • Leaderboards for seasons (A season is a timeframe that includes various tournaments)
  • Win prizes by making it to the top of the leaderboard (Current prices are TBA but you can expect stuff like ingame Starcraft2 content including Coop heroes and announcer packs)
  • Get notifications when a tournament is about to start one hour in advance.
  • Aligulac is integrated, with a long tap on a players name you can see information about your favorite Starcraft2 players (You can test that with GSL 2020 Season#3 that is included for historical purpose and to show of some features)
  • Use an "API" for showing current player predictions live
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Finally let me say that I had to upgrade many of the parts to conform to todays API levels and standards so there may be bugs I'm not aware yet especially on new devices. Also I'm sorry but there is no IOs version, we tried hard to get it work last time but it didn't work out since I couldn't do it myself because of missing hardware (Apple products are expensive :O).

If I made you curious, here are some links you might want to check out:


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